My Name is Rachael Caringella

I am an artist, mystic and oracle

Rachael Caringella Tree Talkr Art in Art Studio Taos Artist

An artist for as long as I could hold a pencil; I love to create mystical and mysterious art that bridges together the light & dark themes of life. My artistic passions include capturing scenes, dreams and themes through the use of symbology and intention.  I love to blend together the worlds of magic and reality.

Having the inability to settle on anything in this life, I consider myself a mixed media artist. My favorite mediums are pen and ink, watercolor, pastels, acrylic and oils; mixed with the occasional magic of lunar cycles, crystal grids and energy work.

I have a passion for intuitive readings, Tarot and oracle cards, numerology and astrology. I specialize in the divination of Tarot and oracle cards and am delighted to have illustrated both Spirit de la Lune and The Untamed Truth Oracle. 

As a child, I really did talk to trees, and I still do! I am a huge nature lover, and am currently living in the middle of no where in a cob house. I have plans to revamp my 1970's airstream into a mobile art studio/tiny home. I am very passionate about off-grid living and I do my best to live with nature in a self sustainable and eco-friendly way.

My work is often inspired by nature and is my way of bringing myself back to myself.  I suffer from depression and anxiety and creating art is therapeutic for me. My art and writing will not hide from from the darker side of life. I feel our darkness should be honored and learned from.

Tree Talker Art Rachael Caringella Taos Artist

I am an explorer at heart and I just can't settle on a thing. I tend to move every 2 years, can't decide on a favorite coffee, or even a favorite color. My art is as  evolving as I am. I love to experiment with abstract textures, color, new tools, and different themes. I hope to remain always curious. 

My goals as an artist is to awaken and stir up your (and mine!) sense of curiosity & intrigue. 




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