Thinning of the Veils with the Elfin Ally Oracle Deck

Happy New Moon!

Tree Talker Art New Moon in Scorpio

It’s officially Scorpio season! Can you feel it? This is a time of deep transition, when the veil between the worlds is at it’s thinnest and we welcome in the unknown.

I love Scorpio season. Which is odd, because I don’t have a single bit of Scorpio in my birth chart aside from my Pluto in Scorpio… but if you were born between 1983-1995, you also have your Pluto in Scorpio. Which is totally why witchcraft and other occult knowledge is on the rise and modern religion and capitalism are falling away. (That and the lack of universal health care is creating a new need for returning to earth/spirit medicine… but that’s just a hunch.)

Scorpio season is when the truth gets revealed. Whatever has been hidden will be uncovered. Anything you’ve been hiding from or running away from will soon catch up to you.

The sun is in Scorpio, the moon is in Scorpio, and on the 31st of October, Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio until the end of November. So, there is no escaping Scorpio and all the emotions, rebirths and transitions that come with the season.

Speaking of transitions, I seem to get to do an oracle deck review with Kathy Crabbe during times of big personal transitions. Truly divine timing… I don’t believe in coincidences. (Check out my review of her Lefty Oracle.)

Tree Talker Art Elfin Ally Oracle Deck Review

She originally sent me this deck in the summer season for review. Right before I was in the midst of that break up… I had the deck photographed and quite a bit written up for it, but had to put it on the back burner while I dealt with my chaotic life for a bit.

I’m thankful for her patience yet again when it comes to the timing and the transitions of my life in the last few years… And especially thankful that her decks have been with me to help guide me through them!

You’ll notice flowers and greenery from my garden in many of these photos, since some were taken mid summer. It’s actually really interesting to see the reading I pulled for myself then, and then compare it to where I’m at now. I even pulled another reading today for comparison. This was my first reading with the Elfin Oracle deck. I used a simple 3 card spread.

1. Where I’m at now. 2. What should my focus be. 3. Future Outcome

It definitely feels fitting for the time in my life when I originally pulled it. Even position 3 feels in full alignment, as I now have some really fun news to share with you soon. Back when I pulled this spread was around the Lion’s Gate Portal… I had a major soul message come through around that time that I needed to be aware of what I was attracting and focus on where my personal alignment was. I needed to give up the control of how others saw me and received me and just focu on my own happiness. Those who were in alignment with me would stay, and those who weren’t would fall away. It took a huge leap of faith to give up that control… but months later, it’s been extremely worth it. And the deck was right… I was totally sacrificing my Self and my sense of fun for the comfort of others.

Tree Talker Art Elfin Ally Oracle Deck Review
Tree Talker Art Elfin Ally Oracle Deck Review

The Elfin Allies Oracle Deck is a square deck measuring 3.5 x 3.5 inches. I love non traditional sized decks and this is my first square deck. I’ve been itching to make a square deck of my own one day and finally getting to work with one definitely sealed the deal for me.

The cards fit nicely in your hand and the stock is the perfect weight of shuffling with ease. Which is important. There are 72 cards in this deck, so too thick of cardstock would make it hard to work with.

Each card is different and unique, including the backs of the cards! The deck does come with a downloadable guidebook, but the backs of the cards feature a keyword and a quick glance meaning for each card, including a reversal meaning.

It’s kind of nice to have the keywords and a quick reference on the back of each card! I’m not usually a guidebook person. I like to rely on the symbols of the cards and my own intuition. Kathy’s fun and loose style of art and use of colors makes that easy, but it’s still nice to have quick reference with each card. Though it might take away the mystery aspect if you are one to put the cards down all at once with the backs facing up and then reveal them each time. But I don’t read that way anyways, so it’s not a problem for me.

The deck is $55.00 with free shipping!

Tree Talker Art Elfin Ally Oracle Deck Review

It was really hard to pick a favorite card. I usually can immediately find a “favorite” in a new deck… but it' was really tricky to pinpoint my favorite with this one! So many of the cards spoke to me.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are 72 different cards, which mean 72 different and unique animals speaking to you.

Tree Talker Art Elfin Ally Oracle Deck Review
Tree Talker Art Elfin Ally Oracle Deck Review

If you know me, you know I have a huge love for all things fae and elfin… so this deck is very special to me in that way. I love how each face featured on the cards is just as unique! I also love working with it during Scorpio season. The veil between the Spirit world is thinner during this time, but I also believe the veil between the fairy realm get's thinner around this time too.

The Elfin Allies Oracle Deck is fairly easy to read on it’s own, but the guidebook offers a much more in depth look into each of the cards and the meanings behind each one.

The guidebook is 62 pages in PDF form. The guidebook is loaded with matching affirmations, corresponding astrology, working with the elements, medicine, stories, poems, fun facts and more.

All the cards fit into a little tuck box with some spare room as she is planning on releasing a hardcopy of the guidebook which will fit in the little box.

This deck is a great deck on it’s own, but I do love the way it works with other decks too! I love to combine oracle decks and see how the cards play with each other.

Like I mentioned, most of these pictures were taking in the summer right when I received the deck, but I’m glad I got a chance to play with and get to know the Elfin Allies Oracle deck it a bit longer before publishing this! I pulled a new reading for myself for the new season ahead and felt like the cards were definitely speaking to each other.

It looks like I have something new to look forward to in the next year… We will see how that all plays out, because as far as romance goes, I’m really not interested in playing that game one bit. And of course the Jack Rabbit would come up. I have had a giant blue rabbit visit my dreams in the past, who reappeared this month after several years of silence… So pulling that card, paired with the “Faith” card definitely felt a little awe inspiring to me.

This is a fabulous deck to connect you with the spirit of animals as well as the spirit of the fae, and just in time for Samhain and the thinning of the veils.

Tree Talker Art Elfin Ally Oracle Deck Review
Tree Talker Art Elfin Ally Oracle Deck Review

The Elfin Oracle Deck

A Spirit Animal Deck to Re-Wild Your Elfin Self

Your Deck Comes With:

  • 72 inspirational oracle cards printed in the USA with gorgeous color reproductions of my watercolor paintings

  • On the back of each card are keywords, oracle meanings and reversed oracle meanings.

  • Card size is 3.5 x 3.5 inches square with UV coating to protect your cards.

  • A 62 page full color illustrated guidebook pdf with affirmations, astrology, elements, medicine, stories, poems, fun facts and card spreads to help you fully immerse yourself in the world of faerie guided by your intuitive wild self and your spirit animal guides.

  • A beautifully designed full color gift box to store your magickal goodies with a little extra room for 2 upcoming hard copy mini guidebooks.

Your Spirit Animal has a message for you.

Illuminating your secret dreams and wishes.

Inspiring your own special magick and truth.

Unlock the key to the wildness within by tuning into the spiritual wisdom and beauty of your spirit animal guides and the faerie realm.

Their delightful poetry, medicine and stories will enchant, heal and guide you along your path to fulfillment, power and self awareness simply by pulling a card.

I’m a bit sad that October is almost over… but thankful the veil stays thin for a few more weeks. :)

There is still plenty of time to pre order the Spirit de la Lune Planner! We got proofs back from our printer and are so excited to start the shipping process in a few weeks!

and are only a few more days left of Inkotber where I am doing a goddess a day! Don’t forget to join me on instagram to see the updates. Tonight I am working on Goddess Lethe. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with the 31 goddesses yet. I’ll likely list them as prints in the shop, but have been looking into some books so you could order the whole set as a book for a pretty good price. I might even do a few more goddesses in November and create a deck! Not sure yet…

If you’ve got any ideas, let me know in the comments!

Happy New Moon!

Rachael Caringella

I am an Artist, Mystic and Oracle. I have been creating since I was little, and am constantly working on something new in the studio. I also have a passion for illustration. I have illustrated a few children's books as well as some Tarot decks and Oracle decks. Aside from creating art, I am also a card reader. I specialize in Tarot and Crystal readings. I love all things mystic, and spiritual and I delight in the mixture of creation and intuition.

OMG (Oh My Goddess)

What a week. I know it’s Monday, but when you work from home, you kinda lose that sense timing that comes with a work week…

October has been such a busy month for me! These last few days especially have been stressful as I’ve been preparing for that Full Moon Shop update… I was hoping to have my threadless shop updated and ready to go, but OMG you guys… they need to refigure their system or something. I’ve spent ALL day yesterday (and today!!) trying to upload and work on designs and very little has happened. I’ll get into that more in a bit…

Cause there are some things that are working… Like my newest design!

It’s a magic heat reactive mug!! I literally created this with myself in mind and my prototype will be here tomorrow. I’ve been checking the tracking every hour like a weirdo. I’m really excited. I hope you guys like it.

It starts off black, but when you pour your hot beverage in, the words “Witch’s Brew” appear along with a cat, a cauldron a witches hat and some other fun little elements.

Tree Talker art Heat Reactive Mug "Witches Brew"

I am selling these over in my Etsy shop! Once I see how well it does, I will be adding some more designs. They hold 11 oz of your favorite brew, and are dishwasher and microwave safe apparently. I will be heading to the Post Office the moment I receive the alert that it is there.

You can purchase one here!

Tree Talker Art Shop Update New Art Prints Fortune Telling Signs

New Prints in the Etsy Shop!

There are also 8 new Fine Art Gicleé prints of the new mini series of Fortune Telling Signs. The sizes range from 8x10 inches all the way to 16x20!!

These prints might be black and white, but the quality of the ink is amazing and the paper is nice and thick, similar to watercolor paper.

And for those who can’t afford the larger prints or don’t want to wait… I’ve also listed 4 of them as digital downloads for only a few dollars! It’s an instant download so you can print at home or send to your local printer! (If you are a patron, you currently have access to all 4 of these!)

I also finished listing all of the new mini art prints in the Etsy Shop!

Tree Talker Art Shop Update New Art Prints Mini Art Prints

These art prints have been available for some time now, but I have only a small number of them in the smaller sizes. These are signed and ready to ship!

I’ve been meaning to get these listed for forever… and it feels good to finally have them in the shop!

I wanted to have some cheaper options that were still high quality for the holiday season ahead. Most of the prints are under 11.00 and shipping is only 2.00. If you order over 35.00, your shipping is free!

Head over to the Etsy shop to check them out!

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 8.58.56 PM.png

Okay, so the thing with Threadless… Wow. It’s been frustrating. I was even in contact with one of the people there about the issue and they weren’t all that helpful. (At least they answered and got back to me quickly!! Have you ever tried to contact Etsy’s customer service? HAH!)) I don’t mean to complain…I truly love the companies I get to work with and all, but OMG I have so many other things I could and should be doing rather than waiting on a “Loading…” screen that never actually loads! I get it, I’m working with big files, but sheesh.

OKAY. Rant over. I’m actually loving the things that ARE saving.

Tree Talker Art Shop Update New wearables The Witch is In

I’ll be adding more stuff to the Threadless shop over time, but for now, check out what is up!

There actually ARE a lot of things in there that are working. And some things that are not. You probably will find some products there that are mis-centered and “off".” If you want it, email me and I will try to get it fixed… but I’m afraid if I don’t sign off the computer in the next hour, I will start crying. Again.

Tree Talker Art Shop Update New Zip Pouches
Tree Talker Art Shop Update New Notebooks
Tree Talker Art Shop Update New Phone Cases
Tree Talker Art Shop Update New Blankets

I’m definitely going to be ordering myself tons of stuff to test out and see what the quality is like. I’ve never actually done a shop like this… Threadless has tons of great reviews from their customers. I even own some shirts from there! So I know the quality is amazing. I’m just really sick of sitting at a computer when I have so many other things I want to be doing… Like making the actual art. I am NOT made for the technical shit. I’d rather be painting or working on my Inktober Goddess Series!

Tree Talker Art Inktober Goddesses

So far this inktober has been a lot of fun. I have loved learning about the different Goddesses and working with then through the day as think on how I’m going to paint their portrait. Follow me on Instagram to see the daily updates! Once I publish this blog post… I’m heading over to my art table to work on tonight’s prompt.

Tree Talker Art Shop Update Lily the kitty

This inktober challenge has definitely been a challenge… I’ve been staying up pretty late in order to finish the prompts, and then getting up really early to work on the shop updates. (Another reason why I’m so frustrated things aren’t loading properly!)

My pets stay up with me the entire time. We all sleep in the same bed, and I can tell they are really sick of the late nights and early mornings.

Me too guys. And it’s officially been an hour since I said I was getting off… I’ve literally been working on the shop update and trying to coax threadless into working for 13 hours now… but before I go I do have some quick announcements!

The 2020 planner were released, and presales are still going on! The first 100 have been sold, but we will be listing the Reiki infused intention kits separately in a few days!

Tree Talker Art Spirit de la lune 2020 planner presales  Rachael Caringella Taos Artist

The planner is packed full of ritual and intention. Aligned to the moon, the planner’s calendar begins on the new moon. Each week you will get an astrology guide and helpful crystal information for the week. The New moon planning guide helps you set intentions for the moonth ahead, and each full moon includes a ritual planning page to help you create and cast spells of your own, while the first quarter and last quarter moon pages offer helpful information on attaining and achieving your goals.

Each full moon also features a colorable Moondala coordinating with the current full moon to help you align your conscious and subconscious mind and empower your intentions. Mandalas are great tools for awakening spirit, grounding your energy and amplifying your intentions!

Each planner also includes a beautiful bookmark to help you keep track of the days featuring beautiful rose gold moon phases and a pink tassle. The cover design this year features a holographic rainbow wheel of the year. The cover design was the most voted on design, and we appreciate your input!

The 2020 planner will also feature a lighter-weight cover design to help ease with shipping costs as well!


Giveaway Winner Announcement!

The Winner of the giveaway is Shara Pangburn!!

Thank you to everyone who entered!! Please still join the course even if you didn’t win! I used to teach art to at risk youth and art journaling is such a healing thing.

I started investing in yearly courses and art classes a few years ago.. and honestly and it was SUCH a worthwhile endeavor. My home is filled with notebooks and sketchbooks just for classes… I love to learn and I love to teach! We shouldn’t stop learning after college or high school, and online courses from artists you admire is so worth it.

Okay… I’ve officially been on the computer for too long and am feeling super stressed! Time to draw up a goddess and release some of this stress! (THANK GODDESS FOR ART!)

Rachael Caringella

I am an Artist, Mystic and Oracle. I have been creating since I was little, and am constantly working on something new in the studio. I also have a passion for illustration. I have illustrated a few children's books as well as some Tarot decks and Oracle decks. Aside from creating art, I am also a card reader. I specialize in Tarot and Crystal readings. I love all things mystic, and spiritual and I delight in the mixture of creation and intuition.

The Witch Is In

Rachael Caringella Tree Talker Art Taos Artist Happy Fall

Hello and Happy October!

This is definitely my favorite time of the year… I’ve always been a little bit spooky… Back in 8th grade my parents took away my black shirts, black eyeliner and black lipstick, hoping that that would keep me becoming the spook that I became. Sorry to disappoint.

I was born in the Springtime… and I love all things flowery and everything that blossoms. I soak in all the goodness that comes with Spring time; but have a deep and profound love for the dark and dreary. The autumn season definitely gives permission for us all to embrace that side of ourselves. And, I think all women have a little bit of “witch” or Persephone energy in her… and speaking of goddesses….

October is one of my favorite months because of Inktober! It’s my 4th or 5th year participating. The theme I picked this year is “Goddesses.”

tree talker art Inktober day 1 Goddess Selene

So if you want to follow along on my inktober drawings and see daily goddesses this month, follow me on instagram!

For day one, I chose Selene. One of my favorite goddesses; Selene is the goddess of the Moon. Done in ink, but I added a touch of blues purples and yellow with watercolor.

Sadly, the book and paper I chose to use this year aren’t the most accepting of water based media… So we will see how this goes.

I’m working on the day two’s illustration now, but will post it on instagram later tonight.

I’m also planning a shop update for this Full Moon!

I have had some small art prints that I have been meaning to photograph and list in the online art shop for a few months but haven’t gotten the chance. I’m finally getting caught up now, but the shop update won’t be ready until October 13th.

I usually don’t offer such small prints in the sohp, but I wanted to make some of the art more affordable! The sizes range from 4x6-6x9 and will have shipping included! They will come signed! Or with a signature plate on the back. One of the papers I chose is a very beautiful matte finish, but it doesn’t hold pen ink very well, so those ones will include a little sticker with my signature. Here are few of the ones photographed so far.

Aside from the mini art prints, I am also introducing an entire new line of work! Another thing that was on the back burner for a few months while I was going through a bit of drama over the summer.

When I moved, I lost my Wheel of the Year tapestry! I really wanted a tapestry for my tarot reading and sacred space but didn’t see any that I liked…. SO I made my own!

Vintage Style Fortune Telling Sign and tapestries  for psychic fairs

I actually drew 40-50 different things from crystals, bats, cats and moons, for this project cause I couldn’t decide just what I wanted… and now I have enough fun little elements saved that I can create several designs and make all sorts of things like tapestries, journals, mugs, blankets and even clothing!

Guess who found her tapestry the moment I scanned in the art… ha. I still considered it a positive thing that I lost it for so long… because now I really love the new designs and can’t wait to get them hung in my home!

Vintage Style Fortune Telling Sign Tarot Card Pouch by Rachael Caringella

The poor files were sitting on my desktop waiting to be turned into art almost all of July and September… but I’m just loving how everything is turning out now that I finally get to work on them.

Aside from wall hangings and tapestries for your sacred witchy space, I have some fun and very practical stuff planned when it comes to home good…. Like little zipper pouches for your tarot cards and crystals. And of course journals to help you keep track of your readings! I kept a tarot journal when I was first starting out. I still have it too, and often look back over the first few readings.

Fortune Telling Journals Rachael Caringella Tree Talker Art

SO, I will have a few designs ready for the Full Moon shop update... Each design comes in black and white, or white on black. Right now I’m focusing mostly on journals, tapestries and those fun zip pouches…

Psychic Reader Sign Vintage Style Black and White Sweatshirt

But couldn’t help but want to see what some sweatshirts and other stuff would look like… So there might be a few other options that I will be adding and playing around with.

I’m working with Threadless mostly for this project and am still trying to figure out how to do everything over there… but so far, I’m loving the progress of this fun project and can’t wait to order stuff for myself!

And for anyone who isn’t exactly interested in the psychic reader signs or that style… I do plan on having a few other designs from my other artwork turned into some other fun things too.

I will be back with more details on the Full Moon this October 13th. If you are interested in getting mugs, pillows, journals, tapestries etc with any of my current art on itm that you haven’t seen yet, send me an email and I will work with you to get the design you are wanting!

I will also be back on the Full Moon to announce the winner of a giveaway …

I am SO excited to be teaching in Effy Wild’s Book of Days again… and I’m giving away a seat in the class!

“Book Of Days 2020 is a collaborative e-course hosted by Effy ‘Bird’ Wild that has been designed to take you on a deep dive into the world of mixed media art journaling. In the year that we’ll spend together, we will be gathering, like birds of a feather, to flock together around all the ways that working with journal art can enrich and enhance our lives. The lessons you’ll find in this e-course will be suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced journal artists. You will find the lessons thorough and comprehensive, and you will find yourself creating and maintaining a practice of meeting yourself on the page.

Every month, you will meet two new teachers, except in January, where you will meet three, and find a virtual ‘bird feeder’ absolutely bursting at the seams with seeds of inspiration. You will have access to prompts designed to be engaged in a written OR art journal, full length mixed media art journaling tutorials that include videos, instructional PDFs, interviews with the guest artists about their creative journey, process, and how they use art journaling, and lots of opportunities to grow, share, and feather your artist’s nest with beautiful, meaningful work.”

That’s 24 guest teachers and 32+ lessons! I am teaching in the month of March with my friend Shai Bearden! I’m so excited that we are teaching alongside each other this spring!!

Book of Days is $99 for the early bird special, after December 31st, the price goes up to $120.

Registration begins October 15th, and I will announce the winner of the giveaway on the 13th when the shop update goes live!!

In order to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment here on this blog post and tell me why you want to win. For an extra entry, share this photo on your social media platforms, then let me know that you did!

Happy October and Spooky Season friends!

Rachael Caringella

I am an Artist, Mystic and Oracle. I have been creating since I was little, and am constantly working on something new in the studio. I also have a passion for illustration. I have illustrated a few children's books as well as some Tarot decks and Oracle decks. Aside from creating art, I am also a card reader. I specialize in Tarot and Crystal readings. I love all things mystic, and spiritual and I delight in the mixture of creation and intuition.