In With The New… (especially blue!)

Hello & Happy New Moon!

In with the New | New Moon in Leo | Lion Painting | Tree Talker Art

Notice any changes around here? I’ve finally gotten around to updating and tweaking a few things on the website! I kinda realized I will most likely not have time to sit down and do a big ol’ website redesign… So instead I’ve been sitting down and doing some little tweaks here and there. And I’m quite pleased with how it’s starting to look. I’m loving all the cool blues I’ve felt drawn to lately!

I’ll still be making a few changes here and there… so you’ll have to tell me what you think in the comments and check back.

It’s much easier to do the website in small chunks than one big overhaul… It gave me lots of time to get some painting done!

Misty Trees and forest scenes | Tree talker art

The Untamed Truth Decks came in a week earlier than expected, so I was able to ship everyone else’s decks out a bit earlier than planned, but I still wanted to include an extra gift with some of the orders who were waiting the longest… I was thinking of different gifts I could send out and decided on painting up some mini paintings and ATCs!

Quick Story-

Before I started doing my art for a living, I was really into swapbot. It gave me an excuse to send out fun mail and expect something fun in return. That was when I was introduced to artist trading cards and ACEOs. I found several ATC trading groups and eventually traded and built up quite a collection.

Eventually I had a lot of people telling me to open a shop on Etsy or build a website and charge for paintings, which I eventually did. I always wanted to be an artist, but just didn’t know how I guess… but once I was introduced to Etsy I eventually stopped checking into Swapbot… I didn’t realize how much I missed creating (and swapping) artist trading cards!

Misty Trees and forest scenes | Tree talker art

On my search for the perfect thing to send along with decks and prints, I found my old stash of blank ATC cards!

So I spent the week painting up some exclusive mini series to go with the decks! The series includes ATCs and Mini originals. The ATCs are standard trading card size (2.5x3.5) and the mini originals are slightly bigger. (4”x4”)

Painting misty trees and forest scenes is one of my favorite forms of therapy.

When I laid them all out to give them a final coat of fixative, I noticed that they looked like little pieces of one giant forest painting!

It reminded me of springtime at the cabin… My mountain was always weathery!

Seeing all the paintings like this was pretty inspiring… So as soon as I sent off all the decks and orders, I set aside the next week to get some more mini paintings and ATCS done!

Glow in the dark misty forest scenes ATC by rachael caringella | Tree talker art ATCS and originals

I figured it would be nice to have some ATCS on hand in case anyone wanted to trade… (I am thinking of a way that I can set up a fun trade between friends soon!)

I also wanted to send out an exclusive series to my Patrons this next month! Even those on the 1$ tier will be getting one of the mini glow forest paintings in their mailbox for August as a thank you for the support and for sticking around! It’s been about a year since my Patreon has been live!

My patrons are the best. The readers of my private blog know my glow obsession well. I’ve been using it a lot have finally found a paint I like…

Glow in the dark misty forest scenes by rachael caringella | Tree talker art ATCS and originals

The glow in the dark paint I use is selfmade! And I LOVE it.

I bought some really high quality industrial grade glow powder and mixed it with a few different things to create a paint I’m finally happy with.

It glows a wonderful silver color for several hours with a good charge from light. Not the typical yellowish glow of most cheap paints! I’m in love.

I’ve used it a lot for clay and glow in the dark sculptures I’m working on. I’ve currently only shown these to my patrons… so I figured they deserve to see the paint in real life!

Once I was sure each patron had an ATC, I decided to use up the rest of my watercolor pad for some atcs for trade and some originals and mini originals to add to the shop.

Glow in the dark misty forest scenes by rachael caringella | Tree talker art ATCS and originals

It feels like it’s been a while since I painted a series… or added anything new to the shop really, so it felt like a good use of my week. Plus, I’ve missed painting galaxies and moody forests!

I asked over on instagram and facebook if I should offer prints of the larger ones, and if so, should they have a glow in the dark option? I got a yes to both, so if you choose the glow option, be aware I am delighted to be adding glow stars to your print… but it might take an extra few days to get to you.

It is worth it though. The glow is amazing.

I’ve actually been lugging around a few barely started paintings for the last couple of years because I didn’t like the glow paint I was using!

The moon paintings on my easel in these photos show that gross yellowish color from my original glow paint… and it really turned me off from even finishing them! (Sorry the pictures aren’t the best… I was originally taking photos of the cats using the clean studio as their battle arena.)

I’m excited to finally finish those moon paintings!

Of course, I’ll have to buy more glow powder first… Like I said, I’ve been using it for clay and other sculpting projects.

I’m also hoping to get some of the new larger forest scenes turned into tapestries and bedspreads this next month!

Misty Trees and forest scenes | Tree talker art

I haven’t found a bed spread I liked yet since I moved in, and it wasn’t until I painted the square forest that I realized I really wanted to sleep in the misty trees. Maybe its the fact that I’ve been slowly turning my bedroom style towards paynes gray and misty blues.

Pastel Forest Galaxy Scene | Tree Talker Art

Speaking of styles shifting, I also really wanted to add some more pinks to the shop! After painting with so much gray and blue this weekend I decided to do a fun painting with some pastel colors.

A few deck orders also got a few mini cards and paintings with these pastel colors!

I love a good misty moody forest scene, but I can’t deny my love for pink and purple!

I also thought, it was pretty cool that the day all these paintings go up for sale is the day my bonus class is going live for Effy Wild’s course Book of Days!

For the lesson, I am actually showing a video on how to create a pastel galaxy scene very similar to this… but of course with a fun art journal twist.

You’ll have to check it out. I’m looking forward to being a guest teacher again next year!

I realize this post is getting a bit long… but before you go, head over to the Spirit de la Lune blog!

The Moonthly energy reading is live!

This New Moon in Leo is actually a Black Supermoon! It happens on the same day as Lammas… the sabbat that represents the turn of the wheel of the year… when the veil begins to thin. One day closer to Samhain! (Okay, I might be a little bit excited for autumn season!)

A black moon is similar to a blue moon… and like the blue moon, the definitions are a bit confusing. A black moon is typically seen as the fourth new moon in a season, (normally there are three) or when there are two new moons in one month, like what is happening this month!



A Supermoon means that the moon is closer to the Earth than normal and the lunar effects on the water, tides and our emotions are amplified even though we can't see her. This New Moon  also marks the end of the Summer Eclipse season, helping us to integrate the major karmic lessons of the month prior.

This last month presented us with many opportunities to find lessons through the chaos, but thankfully much of that intense energy will settle as Mercury goes direct this week too!

Untamed Truth Oracle cards and Spirit de la Lune cards | Tree Talker Art

Head over to the Spirit de la Lune blog to read more!

And don’t forget to check out the art in the shop! 3 of the paintings have sold already, but I’m planning on another mini series soon!

oh, AND both the Untamed Truth Oracle and Spirit de la Lune decks are now shipping… I’m doing the shipping for both decks right now, so if you want to buy them both, I’ll be able to refund any extra shipping costs and send them together!

Plus, this edition of the Spirit de la Lune deck features holographic rainbow foil like the Untamed Truth deck! It’s beautiful.

Happy New Moon!


Rachael Caringella

I am an Artist, Mystic and Oracle. I have been creating since I was little, and am constantly working on something new in the studio. I also have a passion for illustration. I have illustrated a few children's books as well as some Tarot decks and Oracle decks. Aside from creating art, I am also a card reader. I specialize in Tarot and Crystal readings. I love all things mystic, and spiritual and I delight in the mixture of creation and intuition.

Deck Updates and a Blessing Moon DIY Herbal Wand

deck Updates and A blessing moon DIY Smudging wand

Happy Eclipse and Full Blessing Moon!

I am thrilled to finally have some news about the decks! They will be shipping out shortly!

The decks are finally on their way to me, and once they are here, I will not rest until they are all in the mail on their way to you. Should be another week or two.

I am SO sorry to those who have been waiting... I did everything I could to make sure the decks would be on their way to me before mercury retrograde hit… but sadly due to a miscommunication, the decks got printed much later than planned. (Should we blame Mercury?)

In fact, if you’ve ordered Spirit de la Lune, chances are your deck is already on it’s way! (because Marissa got her half of the decks before me.) SO, there has been a bit of a mix-up that I’m still working around.... and I appreciate your patience greatly.

I know I’m already giving out free art prints with all the pre-ordered decks, but I will be sending those who had to wait all this extra time an extra gift for their patience!

Either an extra art print, a mini original, ATC, a reiki infused crystal, or one of my new resin/sculpture creations!

deck Updates and A blessing moon DIY Smudging wand

So, the decks are officially on their way to me… I have a tracking number that I will be checking on daily. Once the decks are here with me, I will be catching up on all orders and sending out the free art prints and free gifts ASAP. The decks should get to me in about a week two max, I’ll keep you updated.

Once the art prints are sent out, I will be updating my website and listing those small prints for sale. I do have some new work that I am hoping to post soon too… in fact, I’m hoping to roll out an entirely new website soon! (I need to sit down and finish that…)

BUT, I am feeling SO relieved knowing the decks are finally on their way to me. I hate waiting for things like this… because I know so many people are waiting on me! I did just about everything I could to not email my printer every day and ask for an update. I’m trying my best to learn some patience.

I have been spending a lot of time in my garden this summer to help with my anxiety… Nothing teaches patience and mindfulness like gardening. The act of gardening is also very grounding for me. I sometimes suffer from dissociation too, and gardening has been so helpful and grounding.

Last week I was in my garden transplanting a few plants for the last time this season. One of my favorite things to do is replant plants or plant new ones from cuttings. I just finished moving some plants and weeding and decided to prune my lavender and sage plants so they would continue to bloom and spread for the summer.

Like I mentioned in my last Full Moon post, picking and pruning the blooms in your garden encourages new growth for the entire season. I’ve been picking off the blooms here and there, transplanting, making garden bouquets or propagating cuttings all summer long.

I was creating a little bouquet for myself a few days ago, and since it’s a bit late in the season (especially now with this full moon) I didn’t want to propagate anything… so I thought it would be a fun idea to dry the bouquet so I could burn it and use it as a smudge wand!

deck Updates and A blessing moon DIY Smudging wand

The smell of the herbs as I picked them was so wonderful... I could only imagine how wonderful the smoke would smell! Maybe it’s all the fire in my chart, but I do love fire and smoke.

And because this is also the Blessing Moon and a Lunar Eclipse, and I thought what better way to enter a new chapter than by cleansing the energy and environment first.

The act of burning herbs to clear negative energy, clean the air and offer intention or blessing has been around for many years and is practiced by various cultures.

Smudging is currently very popular in the west, and there are many debates on if white sage is considered endangered or not… While white sage is a sacred herb for many cultures, there are several other different healing herbs out there that can be burned for clearing and cleansing the energy from the air. In fact, you might already have many of these herbs in your garden already! If not, your local grocery store or nursery will have many of the herbs! (Read more about the history of smudging here! Here is a list of possible herbs and their meanings to use.)

For this Full Moon Ritual I’ve put together a quick and easy tutorial on preparing an herbal smudge bundle below! I’ve also shared it over on Spirit de la Lune today.

deck Updates and A blessing moon DIY Smudging wand

We are currently in the middle of the Eclipse season with this full moon, and deep in the many retrogrades of 2019.

Many of these planets will be retrograde for several months, so the lessons they offer might be a bit more subtle than Mercury’s and the current Full Moon’s.

(A retrograde is when a planet appears to be moving backwards… It really isn’t, but the retrograde does cause US to slow way down ourselves… the energy causes us to reevaluate, rethink, and replan.

Eclipses, like the current Full Moon we are experiencing shake up the current energy so that what isn’t working in our lives can come to the surface to be dealt with and healed.

deck Updates and A blessing moon DIY Smudging wand

Tonight is the Full Blessing Moon and Lunar Eclipse!

With all this going on, we are currently welcoming in big changes and deep transformation into our lives that will have lasting impact.

This Lunar Eclipse wants us integrating these karmic lessons on a soul level so that we can enter a new chapter in our lives free from the weights and baggage of the past.

In order to truly embrace this change we need to prepare ourselves and our environment for the upcoming transformation. Similar to weeding a garden… smudging or saging your home or space will clear way old energy (and even bacteria) that is stagnant, negative or could be inhibiting your growth.

Blessing your space and calling in the energy of transformation and change after you clear the energy is a great way to help set an intention for the changes ahead. Cleansing and blessing your space and self can make way for new and healthy growth, while also helping your garden flourish!

deck Updates and A blessing moon DIY Smudging wand

Herbal Smudge Wand

You will need


Garden shears


Fresh Herbs

Herbs used for today’s smudge wand: Lavender, russian sage, purple sage, yarrow, rosemary. (scroll to the bottom of this post for the spiritual meanings and uses.)

deck Updates and A blessing moon DIY Smudging wand
  1. Gather- Gather your herbs and flowers. Before you pick the flowers and herbs, keep in mind your intention from the last new moon. Or write a new one if you need to. You can even base the color of your string and herb choice off your intention. Using garden shears or sharp scissors, cut and gather your herbs.

    Before cutting, ask the mother plant for permission and let her know what you plan to do with that branch. This will help remove any current living energy from the branch as well as help set and tune the intention of your smudge wand. Be sure to pick and prune at the right joints and nodules of the plant to promote future growth. Here is a good guide.

2. Arrange - Arrange your flowers into a small bouquet.

Lay the biggest and tallest plant matter down first to frame and add structure to your bouquet. Next add a layer of medium length flowers. Then add the shorter flowers filling in any gaps. Move the faces of the flowers so they face outwards. You can always trim any leaves.

*It is a good idea to let the bouquet wilt in the sun for a few minutes to soften up the stems so they don’t snap when tying the wand.

3. Tie- Tie a knot at the bottom/base and wrap the string tightly around the bundle at a 45° angle until you get to the top, then repeat back down the bundle until you get back to the bottom. Secure with a knot at the bottom. Keep the string tight. Herbs lose a lot of their bulk when they dry out, so you may need to re tie your smudge stick, or go over it again later.

You can leave a little loop so you can hang and dry your smudge stick.

4. Dry- Hang your fresh herb bundle by an open window until it is dry enough to burn. Mine was ready in only a day or so! Until then, enjoy the fragrance of the fresh herbs through your window!

(Your herbs will lose some size/bulk when it’s dry, so you might need to re-tie it.)

deck Updates and A blessing moon DIY Smudging wand

5. Burn- Burn your wand with a container under it to catch any ashes that might fall. Never leave your herbal wand burning unattended! It’s best to stay mindful when working with fire and smoke.

A Full Blessing Moon Eclipse Ritual | Create Your Own Sacred Smudge Stick

Here is a list of the herbs I used and their properties… Find more here!

Lavender- Used as an invitation for spirits. Lavender has long been used for cleansing. The Scent of lavender wards off evil spirits and safeguards one against evil.

Sage- Sage is a healing plant who’s smoke is used to bless, cleanse and heal. Sage is used to cleanse away the outside world and helps us enter a place of ritual or ceremony. There are many varieties of sage. Sage smoke is also antibacterial. It cleanses the air of negative debri on a physical and spiritual level. (I used Purple Sage, Russian Sage and Furman’s Sage)

Yarrow- Burned to enhance courage and strengthen psychic powers. Aids in divination and connection with spirits. Used to increase and enhance love. Burned for purification, cleansing and blessings. Encourages peace and balance. Yarrow helps eliminate toxins from the body during the Smudging process.

Rosemary- is known to to be soothing and encourages a sense of peace within you and your environment .Rosemary removes negative energy from spaces. Used to restore balance to create a healing environment.

deck Updates and A blessing moon DIY Smudging wand

Happy Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse!

Don’t forget to set an intention tonight and cleanse your decks and crystals as well!

I will also be setting out some water under the Full Moon tonight to create some Eclipse water for my watercolor paintings! I’ve been doing this for about a year now and it’s one of my favorite things.

I’ve also shared some of my super secrete projects and sculptures over on my patreon tonight! I have one particular sculpture I’ve been working on for almost a year now…. she only wants to be worked on during the Eclipse!

What kind of fun things are you doing to honor this Full Eclipse Moon?

Full Blessing Moon Eclipse Smudge DIY Tree Talker

Now Shipping!

Spirit de la Lune’s newest edition… The Prism Edition is now shipping!

This new edition features rainbow holographic printing on the backs of the cards, the guidebook and the storage box!

Order the deck now!

Rachael Caringella

I am an Artist, Mystic and Oracle. I have been creating since I was little, and am constantly working on something new in the studio. I also have a passion for illustration. I have illustrated a few children's books as well as some Tarot decks and Oracle decks. Aside from creating art, I am also a card reader. I specialize in Tarot and Crystal readings. I love all things mystic, and spiritual and I delight in the mixture of creation and intuition.

Entering Eclipse Season | Happy New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer Solar Eclipse Tree Talker Art and Spirit de la Lune New Moon Reading

Happy New Moon and Lunar Eclipse!

This New Moon and Eclipse has already been an emotionally tumultuous one for me so far…

Eclipse energy usually lasts 6 months, so during Eclipse season, unresolved issues or emotional wounds from the previous 6 months can come up in order to be fully healed.

Each Eclipse offers us an opportunity for a new beginning if we choose to walk through the doorway.

This Eclipse Seasons reminds us that we are about half way through the year. This unfolding moon cycle is a powerful reminder for us to get back to our original goals and intentions… while reminding us that it is never too late to begin.

The Eclipses this cycle will offer you fresh energy and a powerful boost towards your intentions.

New Moon in Cancer Solar Eclipse Tree Talker Art and Spirit de la Lune New Moon Reading

Set an intention tonight with the next 6 months in mind. The Eclipse Season will last until the Solar Eclipse on December 26th 2019. In 6 months you might notice these things come back up, so keep an open mind, and be mindful as your navigate this Eclipse season!

New Moon in Cancer Solar Eclipse Tree Talker Art and Spirit de la Lune New Moon Reading

I’ve written up the Moonthly Lunar Report over on the Spirit de la Lune page to help us navigate this month’s eclipses and retrogrades for the Blessing Moon Cycle.

Overall, this Blessing Moon Cycle is one of new beginnings, fresh opportunities and a brand new start. It might be a little bit intense for many of us, but it’s a month of transformation and rebirth that so many of us are ready for.

Be gentle with yourself and others this month. The changes that are happening are big and important. It’s a good time to practice self-care as well as compassion for the needs of others.

Read the full Moonthly Lunar Report here!

I am sadly still waiting on updates from my printer!! I’m expecting to hear that decks will be shipping any day now. I apologize for the waiting time!! I am crossing my fingers that the decks will at least be on their way to ME and done with production by Mercury Retrograde. (I’m not superstitious… I’m experienced. ;) )

Have a wonderful New Moon and Solar Eclipse! I’m setting out some water tonight so that I can make some Eclipse water for my watercolor paintings! What are you doing to honor tonight’s New Moon Eclipse?


Rachael Caringella

I am an Artist, Mystic and Oracle. I have been creating since I was little, and am constantly working on something new in the studio. I also have a passion for illustration. I have illustrated a few children's books as well as some Tarot decks and Oracle decks. Aside from creating art, I am also a card reader. I specialize in Tarot and Crystal readings. I love all things mystic, and spiritual and I delight in the mixture of creation and intuition.