Signs Of Spring

My goal to blog more hasn't been too successful it seems. March was a really cold and really busy month, and April has been too! I've had a to-do list for the last 4 years that I've finally been able to finish! I'm so amazed I don't even know what to do with myself. 

I'm hoping this will open more time up for photography, writing, blogging and painting again, but I always seem to hop onto another project once I finish one. 

Spirit de la Lune

Spirit de la Lune is finally out in the world!

This one has been a major task on my to-do list.. and the more I check things off there, the more I realize the list for Spirit de la Lune is never ending!

Spirit de la Lune has become a second job of mine over these last few years and I'm loving it all so much.

 March was a big month for Spirit de la Lune,not only did all of the web design and photos need to get done, but  we also shipped over 200 decks out in March alone! (Possibly more, it was kind of a blur.) 

My entire cabin was filled with boxes, stardust and crinkle paper. It looked like a party took place. In fact we were up until 4 in the morning shipping orders one of those days! I had Marissa on stand by because it wasn't an easy process, and she was a pro from shipping the orders the month before. (My favorite part of the shipping process is sprinkling the stardust into each order. I also give each box a little blessing and seal it with some Reiki)

Spirit de la Lune now has it's own website and blog devoted to the Moon and all her phases. Go check out the post about tonight's full moon here! 

Spirit de la Lune has such a special place in my heart. I absolutely love working on anything to do with it, and feel like I lucked out by getting the best business partner/ Moon-Baby Mamma ever. The deck is constantly surprising me, and every day I'm thankful Marissa had such a brilliant idea, and allowed me to help bring it to life. 

Spirit de la Lune | Super Moon and Strength

We are finally seeing spring here at the cabin!

I can look out the window and see color again! My artist heart is so happy to see more shades of green and blue! I can't wait to see more colors explode outside my window! 

With spring comes warmer weather and more daylight... which means it's almost time to begin working on the trailer again! This winter was SO hard.. I wanted to work on Ruby so badly, but we just couldn't. There was just way too much snow this year.

So instead we designed and planned from the warmth of our cabin. I think I've finally got the plans for the bathroom finalized, the bathroom even includes a hidden compartment for a litter box!

We went to take some measurements last Saturday to begin out first #MobileMansionRebuild of the year, but were greeted with a sad sight. The wind had knocked poor Ruby off her mount.. She was blown into a big barbed wire fence, being just a shell of a trailer she was very light.

There is a huge dent in the wall, a badly damaged beam, and the tongue of the trailer is bent beyond repair. It was a pretty disheartening setback. But we grabbed a jack (actually 2, because we broke one) and propped her back up and told her we would be back as soon as we could. 

I'm seriously SO excited to start working on her again. We got permission from Sterling's old shop to use the lot on Saturdays, as well as some of the tools we might need. But we will need to buy our own buffer soon if we want to polish her. (We do.) And we will need our own rivet gun if we want to fix anything and add anything to it. 

Sometimes it's so incredibly overwhelming to look all that we need to do before she is even street legal, let alone ready to live in. But, the excitement of getting rid of all of my processions and moving into a trailer keeps me going. 

Our goal is to have her ready for cabinets and wood working early this Fall. The cabinet shop is only 10 minutes from our house, so it will be exciting to have Ruby even closer to us! We are hoping that next Winter she will be mostly finished and at the cabin with us so that we can do the final touches before we move. 

It feels nice to check big things off of a to-do lis. These last few months of hard work and dedication have paid off. I feel more clarity now that my big projects have been checked off. Now it's time to work on the things that have been on the back burner for too long! 

Rachael Caringella

I am an Artist, Mystic and Oracle. I have been creating since I was little, and am constantly working on something new in the studio. I also have a passion for illustration. I have illustrated a few children's books as well as some Tarot decks and Oracle decks. Aside from creating art, I am also a card reader. I specialize in Tarot and Crystal readings. I love all things mystic, and spiritual and I delight in the mixture of creation and intuition.