Entering Eclipse Season | Happy New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer Solar Eclipse Tree Talker Art and Spirit de la Lune New Moon Reading

Happy New Moon and Lunar Eclipse!

This New Moon and Eclipse has already been an emotionally tumultuous one for me so far…

Eclipse energy usually lasts 6 months, so during Eclipse season, unresolved issues or emotional wounds from the previous 6 months can come up in order to be fully healed.

Each Eclipse offers us an opportunity for a new beginning if we choose to walk through the doorway.

This Eclipse Seasons reminds us that we are about half way through the year. This unfolding moon cycle is a powerful reminder for us to get back to our original goals and intentions… while reminding us that it is never too late to begin.

The Eclipses this cycle will offer you fresh energy and a powerful boost towards your intentions.

New Moon in Cancer Solar Eclipse Tree Talker Art and Spirit de la Lune New Moon Reading

Set an intention tonight with the next 6 months in mind. The Eclipse Season will last until the Solar Eclipse on December 26th 2019. In 6 months you might notice these things come back up, so keep an open mind, and be mindful as your navigate this Eclipse season!

New Moon in Cancer Solar Eclipse Tree Talker Art and Spirit de la Lune New Moon Reading

I’ve written up the Moonthly Lunar Report over on the Spirit de la Lune page to help us navigate this month’s eclipses and retrogrades for the Blessing Moon Cycle.

Overall, this Blessing Moon Cycle is one of new beginnings, fresh opportunities and a brand new start. It might be a little bit intense for many of us, but it’s a month of transformation and rebirth that so many of us are ready for.

Be gentle with yourself and others this month. The changes that are happening are big and important. It’s a good time to practice self-care as well as compassion for the needs of others.

Read the full Moonthly Lunar Report here!

I am sadly still waiting on updates from my printer!! I’m expecting to hear that decks will be shipping any day now. I apologize for the waiting time!! I am crossing my fingers that the decks will at least be on their way to ME and done with production by Mercury Retrograde. (I’m not superstitious… I’m experienced. ;) )

Have a wonderful New Moon and Solar Eclipse! I’m setting out some water tonight so that I can make some Eclipse water for my watercolor paintings! What are you doing to honor tonight’s New Moon Eclipse?


Rachael Caringella

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