Hidden in the Details - A look into some of my newest work

I was originally hoping to have this posted on the Full Moon when I had my shop update- but I was slowed way down by a migraine on that day. Naturally I want to blame the eclipse or Mercury retrograde... but I'm probably a little late posting because I schedule most of my deadlines with the Full and New Moons. 

This is usually pretty beneficial because that's how I schedule my projects and deadlines with Spirit de la Lune, but paired with that AND the lunar energy, things can get a little overwhelming... I'm trying to make adjustments.

I was able to get my shop updated for the Eclipse, and I also got quite a bit of new work done this month!

And I got myself a new camera too! So I was able to photograph all of my new stuff as well as some of the older stuff that I finished up in June. I know that this post is a bit late, but I still wanted to post my newest work here.

Tree Talker Art Shop Update

I wanted to also go into a bit more detail about each painting over here real quick before I get started on all my August projects!

I talk about each painting in more depth over on my Patreon. That's where I show a lot more of the work in progress photos, (even more so than on instagram,) I even show paintings that never get seen any where else. I also give early access to my shop updates and get help naming paintings or brainstorming other ideas! It's a lot of fun over there... so I sometimes forget to check in over here. 

Here are some of my newest paintings... Click on the photo to see a larger version. Links to purchase will next to the image. 


I finished this one in June for the Solstice but sadly wasn't able to photograph it until recently. 

This one started because I got really sick of my paper falling apart when I painted on it. I work in many layers...  so this time I tried a layer of gesso on my mixed media paper and  experimented with some colors... and this is what formed. 

I named it Sol. It's a figurative representation of the Solstice. Though I definitely outed myself as big conspiracy theorist while trying to explain just what I was trying to convey with this one. but I'll save all that for patrons. ;) 

Click here for the Original & Prints


This one was finished early July. Started off as a way of just putting some emotion down on paper. When I don't know what I'm feeling I like to paint it out or at least get some of the colors that I'm feeling down onto paper.

I posted this one without a title and after some input on instagram and patreon, we decided it was simply called "Done" since that's what everyone said she made them feel. I'll take it. 

I love a simple title with a  good complimentary color scheme.

This painting is available in the shop along with prints


Lunar Eclipse

I began this one kind of on a whim! The Lunar Eclipse was coming up and I had a day or so that I totally could have used to finish up this post...

but I decided to paint the Lunar Eclipse instead. We didn't get to see it here, but I was feeling the energy for sure... especially since the Solar Eclipse on the New Moon!

So, I decided to play with the Eclipse idea. It's been a while since I've done any stars and night time scenes, and the moon IS one of my favorite subjects, so I decided the blog could maybe wait. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out! The Original is sold, but there are prints available.

Laurel Tree

This one was an experiment with Gesso, gouache, and red and green complimentary colors.

I didn't use any blacks for this one. Instead I just kept mixing red and green for the dark tones I needed. 

I love the feel that that gave. 

I worked with her expression for days. Seriously I washed this one's face off and started over again many times. I wanted to give up several times, but I'm glad I didn't. 

I think I finally got her expression right. 

The original and prints are available.

Meretseger, She Who Loves Silence

This one was a lot of fun to get to know! I posted the transformation over on patreon... it went through some major changes! Some really ugly.

I got some help deciding on the name of this one too. I LOVED the input I got from everyone... but I ended up settling on "Meretseger" which was an idea from a close friend of mine. 

Meretseger was a powerful and feared Egyptian Serpent Goddess. It was believed she would strike down or inflict blindness, or cause a snake or scorpion bite to anyone who broke an oath, or committed a crime. So that's was pretty cool to find out after having painted and gotten to know the energy of this one! Read more about her here.
The Original Painting and Prints are for sale.

Misty Trees

This one was done as a meditation... I just wanted to kind of relax my mind and get lost in some misty trees.

I had another one like this that I worked on and posted on instagram that got several positive responses... BUT I didn't see them until AFTER I cut the painting up to use in a collage which I haven't really touched since. 

I really should have scanned it in first, but I also enjoyed creating this one on a bigger sheet, with some green tones.

Green can be a really tricky paint color to use, especially when you mix your own paint like I do! (It's even worse if you use it straight from the tube though!) 

The original and prints are available.

The Night Time Watchers

I've been missing my aspen friends from the cabin for a little while now! Aspens hold such magick for me. So I decided to paint some aspens. 

This one is rather small at 11x14 inches, but it inspired me to pick up a HUGE canvas so I can do a larger painting like it. 

This one was done with acrylics & alcohol, and water-soluble pencils on canvas. I love connecting with aspen trees and painting them is almost the same thing.

Original painting and prints are available.



Hidden In the Shadows

I posted this one to my patreon and asked if everyone could see the same face I saw... Then I got super busy and swept up in life that I didn't get a chance to finish it until recently.. but I love the way it turned out. 

This one was an intuitive acrylic abstract painting... I loved watching the face, hand with the flower and the little moth appear. I'm so in love with the process and how it turned out! I will definatley try for more like this in the future.

The original painting has been sold, but I am selling a few prints of this one. It was done on an old cabinet door, so it was a bit tricky to photograph for prints, but I think I figured it out. 

Photographing New Artwork | Tree Talker Art | Shop Update

Today I woke up bright and early today to re-photograph everything so I could get the highest quality prints possible. Photography day is a lot fun and sometimes requires me to string up lots of white curtains and wake up before the sun gets too bright.

I'm SO glad I retook the photos though! It was worth waking up early for. I was able to get the size and quality I needed for large prints... but the images in the shop and online still look great. Just not "printable" which is kinda the point. If you are interested in my process of photographing art, check out the tutorial I made!

Thank you SO much to those who purchased prints and originals from me for the shop update! I love sharing my work with everyone online, but it feels extra nice when I get to send it out physically! 

I have TONS of fun projects I'm up this August so I may not be able to do a shop update.  Join me on Patreon or follow me on instagram to see what I'm up to! 


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