Breaking Through the Creative Barriers with the Lefty Oracle deck created by Kathy Crabbe | Deck review

Happy Monday! I am hopefully spending this week in the art studio! Luckily it will only be dependent on time, (and off grid chores) not artist block this time. Which is really nice. Last week I was up against a bit of a creative wall, and am so happy to have found this new tool to help me battle through these blocks. I couldn't have asked for better timing to have gotten this new deck!

I’m really excited to show you this fun and inspiring oracle deck today! This one is perfect for those of you who may suffer from creative blocks like I do. 

My last review featured some darker themes, and this one is what feels like on the opposite of the spectrum. I just love having such duality in my collection. This deck holds a very light and playful energy to it.. and I know you will love as much as I do!

The Lefty Oracle by Kathy | Review by Rachael Caringella

The Lefty Oracle

The Lefty Oracle Deck is a whimsical 54 card oracle deck created by Kathy Crabbe. The deck comes in a white box with a downloadable full color PDF guidebook. This deck was created entirely with Kathy's non-dominant hand! Each card features a playful fanciful character to guide you deep into your subconscious.

This deck made me giggle out loud as I flipped through the cards. It is bursting with playful childlike energy that I was desperately needing!

Deck Title: The Lefty Oracle

Creator: Kathy Crabbe

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About the Deck and Creator: 

"The Lefty Oracle Deck and 92 page Guidebook will help you break through creative blocks, identify your gifts and empower your intuition so you can move forward in a playful and profoundly life changing way.”

Kathy is a soul-reader and professional artist and creator. Aside from being a full time creative, she also offers classes and workshops. There is even a special class just for this deck!  She is also living in a hand-built house (built by her own hands!) surrounded by desert and forest. Her and I chatted a bit and it turns out we have quite a bit in common, and I've got tons to learn from her! She truly lives life creatively and is an inspiration.

(Read more about Kathy here

The Lefty Oracle by Kathy Crabbe | Review by Rachael Caringella

first impressions:

I giggled and laughed as I looked through each card! My initial impression of this deck was love at first sight. It's so fun to work with and the energy is just so refreshing. 

Something about the art is thought provoking enough that it makes you stop and really notice the beauty and message in the details. 

I absolutely love the white minimal background and the simple handwritten/hand stamped words. The simplicity makes for great self interpretation.

The deck is so playful and raw. Just flipping through it, I can tell it holds tons of healing opportunities as well... and I hadn't even gotten to the guidebook yet!

Size: 3.5'' x 5.75'' Larger than typical Tarot Cards

Number of Cards: 54 cards, with 2 "Mantra Cards"

The card's stock is 300 gsm, which probably doesn't mean much to most people, but this is the standard stock for most card decks. Which makes them on the thin side but proves to be a positive thing as the thin stock helps make shuffling the larger cards easier. No complaints here. The size of the deck is perfect for the artwork on it.

The Lefty Oracle by Kathy Crabbe | Review by Rachael Caringella

The doodles and drawings are so unique and fun. Each card is pleasantly unexpected and surprising. Like I mentioned, the entire deck was created with Kathy's left hand! This makes the movements and gestures raw, authentic and channeled straight from the most creative part of Kathy's brain. Brilliant.

When I was little, I broke my left hand, and my left wrist, so I've always had a hard time even holding a pencil with my left hand. I even got kicked off the Steel Drum club in jr high because I couldn't roll my left wrist. I still really can't. 

But in art class, I used to practice drawing left handed. I actually got pretty good! But working with Kathy's deck made me realize that getting "good" at left handed drawings isn't really the point. Working with the non-dominant hand holds so much more creative potential than that. 

The Lefty Oracle by Kathy Crabbe | Review by Rachael Caringella
The Lefty Oracle by Kathy Crabbe | Review by Rachael Caringella

guidebook and box

The deck comes in a simple white tuck box with a window to display the card backs. 

There are 2 mantra cards included with the deck, and a downloadable pdf guidebook. 

While the cards are great for self interpretation, I would recommend the guidebook for sure! The guidebook lists several unique suggestions for working with the deck.

The guidebook is 92 pages with each card’s interpretation and meaning, as well as expressive body movement challenges, non-dominant hand excercsises and other helpful insights you can use to fully embrace each card. I especially love each character’s song.

My favorite thing about having a digital guidebook is that I will never lose it! My phone is always with me, so I can always carry the wisdom of these cards with me. If I’m ever out of the house, and want to remember a part of my reading I don’t have to go home to learn more.


The Lefty Oracle is heartwarmingly silly, raw and truthful. This deck was designed to stimulate your intuitive abilities as well as wake up your creative self... and you can really feel it by just flipping through the cards! 

This deck is actually very versatile. It can be used for regular readings for clients or yourself, but it is also an affirmation deck and a story telling deck! There are so many possiblities with this deck.

This deck would be great for writing groups, Moon circles and artist prompts just to name a few. The guidebook even has creative prompts for making your own deck or working in your journal. 

The Lefty Oracle by Kathy Crabbe | Review by Rachael Caringella
The Lefty Oracle by Kathy | Review by Rachael Caringella

What is different about this deck is that each card features a character. It’s almost like a deck full of court cards... but so much easier to read.

Court Cards can be a bit intimidating, this deck however is not. The messages are gentle but still bold.

Each card is unique and empowering. The cards are simple, yet intricate. I love how some cards offer an empowering phrase, while some are silly and some are left blank. This leaves so much to self interpretation and self reflection.

The left handed drawings are delightful to look at. Working with and even looking at art from the non-dominant hand offers us a fresh perspective. It causes us to see things differently.

I pulled a reading for myself and decided to follow the prompts in the guidebook when it came to creative journaling. I gave left handed art a go again... and loved the results.


It was so much fun working left handed again! Like I said I used to push myself to do left handed work in school. But this experience was different because I had a newer perspective than the last time I tried.

I really had to try to "loosen up" this time.

I started with the fox, (a trickster aspect inspired by the Carolee Card) but soon had to remind myself that it didn't have to be perfect. I moved onto the little tree gal in the corner, and again had to remind myself to not get sucked into the need for perfection.. by the time I was scribbling in those aspens, and flames  I knew what my affirmation from the reading was going to be. (I apparently give too many foxes and need a good reminder.)

Working with this deck was like a breath of fresh air. This process inspired some new ideas for the future, and brought up a lot of past memories. Reminding myself to draw with my left hand felt healing for my own inner child as I finally did let loose. The reading and creative journal prompt helped me realize quite a bit about myself!

I love combining tarot and oracle cards with my art and art journaling. I'm thinking I may use this deck for my next segment in Pull Pen Paint!

This definitely will be one of my go-to decks to break past creative blocks! 

It's also a great deck for self readings. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time reading for myself. Sometimes even with my own decks! I love how much you can interpret this deck on your own, but I also love all of the additional ideas the guidebook has to offer.

This deck makes for a great tool for anyone wanting to get to know themselves on a deeper level, break down creative walls, and feel empowered while doing so. The deck is a soothing one, created to awaken your intuition and stir your creativity in a gentle manner.

Photo Credit: Lori Ann Beach

Photo Credit: Lori Ann Beach


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