Ruby Inspiration - Staying Inspired

So, I'm totally obsessed with Ruby, our Mobile Mansion/Art Studio that is currently in the works. 

Well... kind of in the works. She's sitting in an RV lot with snow on her head. 

Sterling and I got her last July and busted our butts to get her as ready for the next winter as we could. 

We had to remove all of the old junk inside of her, tear out the walls and floors, then put new floors in and secure her roof before the weather turned too cold.

You can see the story, videos and other pictures here.

The move to the woods slowed our work down dramatically.. so she's been sitting in a lot with her new floors and all of the supplies and tools that we have collected so far, waiting for Spring to come. 

ruby plans

Not being able to physically work on Ruby has been hard, but it hasn't stopped me from planning and dreaming!

Talking about Ruby is one of our all time favorite things. 

Talking out plans, sketching out ideas, dreaming up adventures.. it all helps us keep the idea fresh and exciting while we can't physically work on her. 

We try to talk about Ruby at least once a day to help keep up momentum.

We have a red binder that is full of our plans from day one. It's been fun looking over all of our ideas on what we want to create.. there has been such a transformation of our ideas!

Getting Ruby also helped fuel my little love affair with pinterest. I could lay in bed for hours looking up fun RV tips, tricks, decor etc. It's like an endless window of rv living inspiration!

I haven't blogged too much about the future of Ruby yet, because a lot of it is still in the brainstorming process.. Here are some of our ideas so far, along with some of my pins from pinterest.

We are planning on raising the ceiling and creating a trolley top. Spartan ceilings are usually under 7 feet, and I think I'd like to have a roomier feel! So, using some of the already broken beams, we are going to add a series of windows and raise the ceiling about 12 inches. Kind of like Westcraft Trailers, but also like the Traditional French Vardo's little trolley top.

click image for original source

click image for original source

The original 1800 French Vardos actually hold much of the inspiration when it comes to ideas on decorating the inside of Ruby. I absolutely love rich colors and fabrics and am planning on having the inside full of intricate patterns, deep colors and lots of texture.

Sterling got a bad-ass job as a cabinet maker and is learning how to build all the shelves and cabinets we will need, which will come in handy because we are wanting to add many pop-up and pull-out shelves to utilize every inch of space we can. 

We are also wanting to add a self-composting toilet and use solar panels to help power everything. We want to be able to live entirely off grid for quite some time in Ruby, so we are exploring many new ideas that are both self sufficient and eco friendly. 

Click image for original source

Click image for original source

I also want to build in a wood burning stove. Heating the cabin with a wood burning stove has been really cool, and cooking on it has been even better. After the first month of using a wood stove for heat I was 100% convinced Ruby needed a small one too. We are actually hoping to build our own stove, but I'm not  entire sure how possible that is. 

Sterling was able to score some sweet vintage airstream windows that we can add to give her even more light! 

We aren't entirely sure what we want to do with the outside just yet. Polishing her to a mirror shine will take about a million hours... but leaving her all dingy would be a shame. We don't want to paint her... but are planning on having some red visible on the outside.

We are wanting the overall look for Ruby to be a mix between the future and the past. A little steampunky, but also a magical gypsy wagon. (Is that a thing??)

Sometimes it feels overwhelming that we are so far from our goal, but we try to stay inspired. Either through physical vision boards, sketches, ideas or pins on pinterest, we try to do a little something each day. 

How do you stay inspired when you've got to wait?


Rachael Caringella

I am an Artist, Mystic and Oracle. I have been creating since I was little, and am constantly working on something new in the studio. I also have a passion for illustration. I have illustrated a few children's books as well as some Tarot decks and Oracle decks. Aside from creating art, I am also a card reader. I specialize in Tarot and Crystal readings. I love all things mystic, and spiritual and I delight in the mixture of creation and intuition.