Small Steps for Ruby

We've been trying to get progress going on the trailer all of April, but it's been such slow going! Last fall, right before we moved to the cabin we cleared out all the junk, removed the walls, insulation and floors, and put the new floors in. Sadly we had to cover her up with a tarp and hope for the best during the long Winter.

We had an exceptionally cold and wet winter this year, from what we heard from everyone in the area. I was worried about Ruby each time it snowed.. I hoped the tarp was still covering her, and that the priming we did on our floors would be enough just in case anything leaked.

Ruby | The Mobile Mansion

During a bad wind storm, she was knocked off her support and fell into a barbed wire fence, which I mentioned in the last post.  

Since seeing the new dent, we also noticed that someone broke in and stove our vintage stove.. along with who knows what else. 

It's been a bit discouraging. Sterling has also been working long hours, and there are so many cabin chores to do that we haven't had much time to focus on the trailer! 

Last week I made sure to do everything in our power to leave her as a blank slate again. During the Winter we had to store all of our tools and supplies inside her, locked in the lot. It took a few trips (and borrowing a bad ass truck) to finally clear her out again.

A Clean Slate For Ruby

We have moved all of the supplies up to the cabin and made a fun little inventory of all the things we have for her. We've got plenty of vintage lights and fun antique details that I can't wait to use. On Sterling's last day working for the trailer shop we were able to go through boxes of vintage trailer parts for us to use. We have several parts from airstreams and spartans that we are going to use.

Parts For Ruby

I'm really hoping that we can add our windows next. We have a pile of windows in our mud room that need to be cleaned and taken to the glass shop before we can install them.. but I'm really hoping we can do that next along with putting on some patches! It feels like we are very close to getting her street legal so we can move her up to either the cabin, or the cabinet shop.

Sizing Up Windows For Ruby

We've decided that if the trailer is up at the cabin, we won't be waiting on the weekends.. she will be right there staring us in the face.. and now that the sun doesn't set at 4pm we can work on her after work. 

Our goal this week is to clean the extra windows and get them prepped for new glass, which will apparently be a lengthy process involving steel wool and chemicals. I'm not looking forward to that, but I am so ready to have the trailer sealed up and safely moved to the cabin. 

Rachael Caringella

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