DIY Wet Palette: How to Keep your Acrylic Paint from Drying Out too Fast

Hello and Happy New Moon!

Sorry it’s been a little while since I’ve posted here… but I wanted to hop on real quick to wish you a happy new moon and share a quick tutorial with you!

I am probably going to be pretty busy this next month while we finish up the 2020 Spirit de la Lune planner. (Which is turning out wonderfully btw.) While I finish the planner, I have to put a few of my paintings on the back burner… which can be tough because I’ve recently getting back to working with acrylics!

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It's been a lot of fun getting back into acrylics!

I used to have a bit of a love-hate relationship with acrylic paint because it dried so quickly. I felt like I couldn't pick it back up if I had to run to do something else!

It was always a little disheartening. These last few years I've had to find a good balance with the paints I use. Oil dries a lot slower than acrylic… but I have too many pets walking around!

I don't want to be constantly picking hair and dust out while it dries... but then again an acrylic palette tended to dry up quickly, especially when living in the dry desert. That thought alone almost stopped me from picking up my acrylic paints this month until I remembered one of my favorite art hacks...


A DIY Wet Palette!

Ever mix the perfect color of acrylic paint only to have most of it dry up before you got the chance to put it on your easel? This is such a simple way of keeping your paints fresh and lasting!

Acrylic mediums are great and can lengthen the life of the paint quite a bit, but a stay-wet palette will help keep even the cheapest acrylics wet for several days!

Definitely keep using an acrylic medium, but try out a wet pallet if you find your acrylic paint is drying before you can use it all.

Best part is, you probably already have all of these items in your kitchen already!

(I can’t believe I forgot about this fabulous art hack!)

You will need:

  • A shallow tupperware or similar container with a lid that seals.

  • Reusable bamboo or cloth towels, a Shammy towel, or a sponge. Paper towels work too, but reusable is best.

  • Wax cooking paper if you are in a pinch, but any piece of thin plastic or plexiglass can also work well.

  • Water spray bottle (Optional )

Putting it all together is super easy! First get your towel pretty wet.
(Not dripping wet, but not fully wrung out either.)

Lay your towel down on the bottom of the tupperware container as flat as possible.

Place a sheet of plastic or wax paper over the top for your paint to go on.

*If you mix your paints with a palette knife like I do, you will want to be careful with the wax paper or double up and do two layers of paper.


*I would definitely try to use white towels and clear or white plastic/plexiglass/wax paper so that you can always see what colors are being mixed best.

*Remember to change your towel or cloth every so often… Moisture sitting for too long can turn into mold at the bottom of the container

That’s it!

Anytime you need to walk away from your painting to work on other projects or head to bed, put the lid on the palette! The moisture inside the container should keep your palette humid enough to keep the paints from drying out.

Every so often I mist my palette with a spray bottle full of water. You can gently lift the paper up (depending on how thick your paint is) and spritz the towel every so often to keep it damp. You can also mist the lid before putting the lid on.

Shallow containers work best and are easiest to hold if you hold your palette while painting. Ones that have seperate compartments are great too if you are wanting to keep black separate from your color palette.

It’s been a few days since I’ve worked on the fox painting… but my paints are still wet and ready for when I get back!

Even the cheapest acrylic paints will stay wet in one of these guys.

In fact, I’ve had some paint stay wet up to a week!

I hope this little tip is helpful to any other painters out there!

You can totally buy something similar at an art store… but I’m all about reusing plastics!


Happy New Moon in Virgo!


Like I mentioned before, the 2020 planner is almost finished… it’s quite lovely so far, but we are having some trouble deciding on the cover design!

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