A House in Taos!

It looks like the desert wanted to keep me a little bit longer… And I think I’m fine with that!

I was warned the day I moved here that this is not only the “land of enchantment,” but the “land of entrapment”… and I think they are right!

I really struggled to find a place to live! I made it a part of my daily routine to look for housing that matched my needs for about a year… It wasn’t until I decided to officially stay here in the desert that I found a house in Taos that fit my needs perfectly!

The timing for this move got real tight for a bit… My contract was up April 15th, and I found this house in Taos on the 14th!

The funny thing is, Taos is actually where I wanted to move when I first started to feel called towards moving here!

I couldn’t find anything at the time, but Madrid and Cerrillos caught me and were so good to me. I hope to visit often since I’m only a few hours away, and Madrid especially has now become one of my favorite hidden treasures of New Mexico.

Before I moved here, I had a lot of people try to warn me that New Mexico was brown and boring… And while it does have it’s brown patches, it does has little pockets of lush green forests and tangled trees if you look.

I am quite happy I get to stay in the state, but I will miss my time spent in the off grid cob house in the desert. Living off grid was a great experience and challenge. While I’m not entirely off grid here, I did learn some valuable lessons for the future.

Okay… so the house I found is an adorable little adobe cottage. It’s actually outside the city, which is %1000 approved by me. I no longer have to drive an hour to get to a grocery store… but it’s still far enough out for me.

I still get to hear the coyotes sing me to sleep and watch shooting stars from the hot tub.

That’s right! This place has a hot tub!

It has been a weird adjustment to go from collecting rainwater and relying on water delivery to a hot tub! *swoon*

While I do collect rainwater for gardening… and I’m on a well again! I love being on a well system. I don’t feel guilty sitting in a big tub of water like I definitely would have in the cob house.

While I’m not entirely off grid, I’m still going to learn tons about off grid living because there are so many earth ships around here! Not only is Taos known as an artist colony, but it’s known for it’s Earthships and Biotecture! (I’ll get to the home photos in a bit! First, you just have to see these pictures!)


Oh.. and all the views!


And apparently… the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge is a short drive away! We actually drove over it without knowing it was coming up… (Yikes!)

It’s very jarring to drive over when you aren’t expecting it!

Okay… Back to the house!

Endless skies in the backyard… and mountainous views from the front porch… with an aspen tree guardian protecting the house.


(Inside the studio…)

(The office, and some of my Desert Treasure Critter Collection. (Coming soon… but read more about them on Patreon!))

SO -I don’t actually have very many photos of the house after all… even though I’ve been here for a little while now, I guess I’m not quite “settled in” cause I don’t have much furniture!

I moved from a furnished house to a non furnished one… so I’m still technically living out of suitcases and totes.

The only furniture I had with me was my art studio and office stuff!

Luckily the house has a lot of built in shelves and spaces… so it’s not too bad. Plus, it will be fun to restart my furniture collection.

…I have heard great things about the thrift stores here in town… I’m excited to check them out.

And I did find a good comfy couch at a thrift store during the move process so that the animals and I could have some normalcy when we moved, so it’s not as bad as it may sound.

It’s been an interesting transition for sure, and despite not having much furniture, I have what I need and am feeling more settled and at home each day.

It's been weird to not be thinking about water and firewood! I’m now on propane heat again, and I keep the house really cool so as to not use up the propane. But it’s been delightful to walk into the house and see a cozy little fire burning in the stove with NO work on my part.

Just like magic.


I am on about an acre or so of land on the outskirts of Taos surrounded by lilac trees. The coyotes still prowl and howl around at night, but I'm close enough to town that I could actually have a pizza delivered to me if I wanted to!

I have a fenced backyard now too that is currently full of tulips and dandelions… but I’ve planted tons of new things that should be taking root pretty soon. I can’t wait to show you more pictures soon.

The landlady was looking for someone who wanted to take care of plants and help resurrect her trees and garden. I don't think I'll disappoint. 

It’s already looking hundreds of times better than when I moved in.

My pets love the new place and especially the garden too. I don't fully trust the cats outside without my supervision, but I make sure they get to go out a few times a day. The dogs love it too. I've been promising Wicket some grass for a while now… and a fenced backyard to protect him from the coyotes. (Meko I’m sure is ready to take on any coyote I’m sure)

The cats have been fun to watch. They’ve only ever been allowed on a screened porch, so the grass is new to them. Lily especially seems interested in how fast and far she can leap and jump in the grass. So, that’s worrisome. Luckily there are plenty of fence guards designed for cats like Lily and Spider-Cat. Merlin, I’m sure won’t be jumping fences any time soon.


Lily in the Garden

Wicket loves to find a spot amid the flowers and just sit and be. He's always been like that, and didn't get that chance while in the middle of the desert in Madrid. He's enjoyed himself so much he's already lost some weight and seems so much happier. He always smells like wildflowers now… instead of his usual garbage breath.

One of the best parts of this house for me so far has been the garden. This house has so much garden space and potential, but all of the garden beds have been grown over with grass and weeds.

I’ve been spending a bit of time outside each day weeding the beds here and there and planting new things. Gardening really is so therapeutic isn’t it?

I’m actually healing up from a pretty bad sunburn this week… so I gotta be careful!

I’ve planted some herbs for cooking and teas. I have some tomatoes, peppers and basil growing, and I revived and planted multiple lavender bushes around the hot-tub area. I’ve got mint plants and mint seeds sprouting too. I even have a baby pine and some lilacs I’ve transplanted. There are even a few mystery plants that I’ve resurrected… but we will save the garden for another post. 

This post is getting a bit long… I’m going to try blogging a bit more often now so I can avoid that in the future.

But, before I go, I do have a few announcements!

I’m all out of decks!

Spirit de la Lune and the Untamed Truth Oracle are both sold out!

I’m currently working with my printer to have another batch printed… this edition might have small changes to make it an anniversary edition of some kind, or I might include a free gift or something… I’m not sure yet!

The best way to hear about news on the deck is to sign up for the waiting list!

I will also be updating the website soon and returning to blogging!

It feels like my voice was robbed from me for so long… So I’ll be returning to blogging a bit more now that I’m able to… Blogging and writing used to bring me a lot of joy, and I’m finally feeling excited to get back to it.

I decided to take this year off from teaching so I could focus on finding my voice again, as well as finishing up some other projects that had to be put on hold…. But, I do want to mention that:

Today is the last day to sign up for Wild Creative Journey with Wild Sister Magazine. I’m really bummed I chose to say no, but I really wanted to stick to my rule of giving myself a break this year.

“Wild Creative is an 8 week journey in creating and bringing creation into our lives. Creating isn't just a hobby - it's also healing. In this journey, we explore various methods of creating and what it does for us, inside and out, with the help of 20+ incredible artists and contributors!

There will be art tutorials, interviews, and more! Even a bonus on creating art spaces for tiny humans, if you have them! This isn't just an art class - it's a journey in learning not only how to create but what creating can bring into our mind, body, and soul.”

(Also, you can still sign up for Book of Days with Effy Wild! I am technically teaching in 2019, I filmed in 2018… SO, I’m good on that rule.)

Alright… that’s it for now!

I’m off to do web-designy things and decide between small changes to the deck or a free gift included in the deck… what do you think?

Rachael Caringella

I am an Artist, Mystic and Oracle. I have been creating since I was little, and am constantly working on something new in the studio. I also have a passion for illustration. I have illustrated a few children's books as well as some Tarot decks and Oracle decks. Aside from creating art, I am also a card reader. I specialize in Tarot and Crystal readings. I love all things mystic, and spiritual and I delight in the mixture of creation and intuition.