Inspired By: Mysteries inside the Masonic Temple

I am constantly inspired by the world around me. From the flowers and trees, to the cityscapes outside my studio window.. beauty and inspiration is everywhere.

But there are some instances when you get the rare opportunity to explore something extra inspiring!  This weekend, Sterling and I had the opportunity to explore the Salt Lake City Masonic Temple. They hosted an open house, where they allowed visitors to wander about, take photographs, and try to open every door. 

Conspiracy theories and mysteries aside,  I really wanted to go for the visual inspiration! I love a medieval themed room any day. Medieval and Egyptian era art have always inspired me, and I knew the Masonic Temple would have an abundance of visual stimulation.

I only had my little iphone with me, so I wasn't able to get the greatest of photos. But they are inspiring nonetheless. Walking around was like a live pinterest board.  I was amazed at the beautiful furniture, craftsmanship and rich colors inside the building. I'm particularly fond of the deep rich reds.

Everything was mismatched in the way all of my bohemian friends would adore.. but I heard several remarks from the women saying. "Ew, this totally looks like a man decorated it!"

I personally don't care too much on what goes inside institutions, but it was very neat to see their set up and traditions. I'm a huge nerd when it comes to symbols, traditions, and ritual, so it was very neat to get lost inside the Masonic Temple for a while. I left with lots of inspiration.

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What are you currently inspired by? I'd love to hear in the comments! 


Rachael Caringella

I am an Artist, Mystic and Oracle. I have been creating since I was little, and am constantly working on something new in the studio. I also have a passion for illustration. I have illustrated a few children's books as well as some Tarot decks and Oracle decks. Aside from creating art, I am also a card reader. I specialize in Tarot and Crystal readings. I love all things mystic, and spiritual and I delight in the mixture of creation and intuition.