Finding Balance in Self- New Moon in Libra and Presales for the 2020 Planner

Hello again! I know it’s been a while since I’ve checked in here, or anywhere for that matter aside from posting memes. (Cause I gotta) September was a rough month in so many ways. I injured my thumb somehow and still haven’t been able to afford to get it x-rayed. So, I’ve had to push through and work with an injured thumb. Which has slowed down some progress on the paintings I posted about a little while ago.

Mexican Sunflower Tree Talker Art Blog

It's been an emotionally tough month as well. I broke up with my boyfriend at the beginning of this month. I won’t go into too many details here because honestly, I’m trying to just move forward and maintain my inner peace. I spent so much energy last month trying to explain my side and establish some kind of peace there… but have had to decide to just move forward and let it go.

A huge reminder of what feels like a major lesson of 2019 has been… Sometimes it’s not that people don’t want to hear or understand you… it’s that they simply can’t.

I actually had a bit of a personal breakthrough this Summer in regards to that. So many of my core fears revolved around what others thought of me. Past abuse has kind of kept me in a state of always feeling the need to fix myself, or explain myself. A desperate need to be understood. This need kept me in toxic relationships because I felt if I could just explain myself, maybe they would treat me better. If I could just give MORE understanding, maybe they would give me that too. It kept me from seeing the wrongs of others because I was so focused on what I was doing wrong, what more I could give or empathize, in hopes that I too would be understood.

This year, I realized, that I’ve really been the only one putting in that work.

I’ve been working all summer to just give up the need to care what others think and the need to explain myself to those who continually misunderstand me. To no fault of their own. There are different levels of perception out there and no matter what I say, there will always be others that just won’t get it.

Wild Flowers in New Mexico Tree Talker Art

Honestly, people are going to think what they are going to think, and no amount of action we do, no matter how much we bend over backwards and change ourselves so someone can understand us, people tend to only understand us as deeply as they understand themselves.And many people don’t understand themselves that well.

If people want to understand my side, they will seek it out and ask it. If it’s for them, they will be able to understand it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving up communicating in relationships or anything, I just have a new understanding that those who continually seek to argue with and misunderstand me, or make assumptions about my moods or motives probably won’t understand anything I have to say anyways.

Giving up this need to feel understood has been hard work, but it’s felt like a breath of fresh air. It’s definitely been a core belief that I’ve carried around for years, so it has felt weird to give up, but it does give me a sense of peace and solace for the future. Those who are for me, WILL see me, they will understand me.

The 4 agreements quote Don't take anything personally

Lots of fun big lessons this year huh. Anyone who’s been paying attention to Astrology this year is probably feeling just as tired yet “ready” as I am. The Eclipses this last July really shook up what wasn’t working in our lives so we could either fix it or get rid of it. September has been all about integrating these changes and setting them in stone for the months ahead.

Tonight’s New Moon in Libra has a focus on relationships and restoring balance in some way… or at least feeling a sense of closure or ease when it comes to partnerships and relationships. Saturn just went direct, and so we are slowly feeling some more clarity towards some of the bigger aspects in our lives. Projects or goals that seemed hard are either getting easier, or we are seeing the opportunities we weren’t seeing earlier. October is going to shake things up again with relationships when Pluto goes direct and Venus enters Scorpio. And the last couple months of this year are going to be pretty big too. Eclipse season starts again in December… leading up to the big Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Conjunction.

Read this New Moon’s Lunar Report over at Spirit de la Lune!

I also wrote the astrology for 2020 in the Spirit de la Lune Planner this year. It’s gonna be a great year full of even more opportunities for transformation and getting to know ourselves and others on a deeper level. More big lessons and reasons to pay attention to the cosmos and what’s going on within. Cause, as above so below. ;)

ALSO!! The 2020 planner is now for sale!! September was such an intense month! Not only have I been going through a break up with an injured thumb, Marissa and I been working SO hard on the new planners.

They are now available for presale!

Planner Set Mockup2.jpg

A planner for the mystics, witches, healers and creatives.

Aligned with the phases of the moon, infused with ritual, astrology and magick,

created to heighten your intuition, unleash your magick, and help you tune to the moon.


The first 100 orders will include our intention setting kit! This is a pen and paper set I designed using reiki and sacred geometry to help infuse some extra magic into your intentions rituals or day to day to-do list! The kit also includes 5 pages of stickers hand paintings by yours truly.

Spirit de la lune Tune to the Moon planner 2020

After the first 100 orders we will be selling the kits separately, but there is a special price for the combo so it will still be affordable.

Each planner comes with a bookmark to help you keep track of the dates.

The planner is packed with so much magick!

Weekly coloring pages, rituals, weekly astrology, moon charts, and weekly crystal guides featuring brand new crystal paintings this year and so much more.

We’ve put a lot of work into this… and there have been a few sleepless nights getting those crystals painted to perfection, but we couldn’t be more proud of the final product.

We have put so much work into this beauty and I hope everyone who uses it loves it and can feel the love we put into it.

I’m excited for October… I had to put a few of my other projects on hold while I finished up some of the graphics, but I am planning for a shop update this October. I have some mini are prints I would like to list as well as some new art prints and products I’ve been working on slowly.

Tree Talker Art Works in Progress

And hopefully I will be able to get back to my larger paintings.

I’m kinda really glad I made those wet pallets that I did! I was able to work on the paintings a bit here and there while the paint I had was drying up.

I’ve got so many projects and pieces that I’m finishing up so that I can share them with you this October!

I am hoping to finish the paintings that I’ve been working on soon. Now that the planner is done, I can actually answer their calls and find out what it is they need so they can feel “Finished.” (whatever that is.)

And I have a line of new printable stuff I want to put in the shop! (As well as list high quality giclee prints of the same art.)

I’m also really hoping to finally start selling things like bedspreads, pillows, mugs and other fun household items and decor.

Tree Talker Art Misty Forest Bedspread

I also have some leggins and dresses I’m hoping to get printed… more for myself, but I will totally list them for sale for everyone.

2020 is going to be an exciting year over here for sure! (I know, I peeked at the astrology.)

I will also be teaching new classes this 2020, which I will share more about on the next post. Hopefully next week.

All of this has kind of been on the back burner for a while now as I’ve been going through relationship drama and physical injury, but I have high hopes for October and the months to come.

Happy New Moon & Spooky Season!

Hopefully I can get my thumb working again so I can hold a pen for #inktober! Just kidding… you know me. (Remember that time I painted the Spirit de la Lune cards with a broken middle finger and a self made splint?)

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