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Happy Mercury-Is-Finally-The-F***-Out-of-Retrograde! This last one was killer wasn't it? Lots of break downs and lessons for me over here. Plus, it seemed like it took forever to get just basic simple things done this last month. Hopefully things begin to go more smoothly as we get out of the shadow period over these next few weeks! I've got lots planned for the blog and the art shop!

As a deck creator and artist, I love to explore the creative works of other artists who create Tarot and Oracle decks. I'm beginning a new series on the blog dedicated to reviewing and showing off other self published and indie decks. I couldn't be more excited to share this dark beauty with you today.

The Tarot Restless

Deck Title: The Tarot Restless

Creator: Winslow Dumaine 

About the deck: 

"The Tarot Restless is a unique tarot deck set within a morbid fantasy universe in the midst of an infertility apocalypse. The deck consists of 78 original, hand-drawn illustrations printed on silver-gilded cards, packaged in a rigid two-part box. The accompanying text, Restless Meditations, includes a short story, new interpretations, and new functions for each card.

I believe people should explore their suffering. Understanding the causes of pain is key to growth – if you suffer, and do not learn, you will have suffered for nothing. In creating this deck, I took my experiences with heartbreak, abuse, and betrayal, and retold them on a cosmological scale.

Many cards were inspired by the strong women in my life. Their struggles with abuse and violence helped me understand the abuse I suffered much better, and I cannot thank them enough."

(Read more here!) 

First Impressions:

My first initial impression of this deck was absolute love at first sight... You know me, and how I love darkness, and dark art. I'm a part of several online tarot communities, and I swear we are all looking for the perfect dark deck. I'm very excited to get to share this deck!

Each card is beautifully morbidly dark. There is something new to see on each card with every reading. This deck is a must on your list if you love dark surrealistic art that is full of depth and symbolism.

I connected with this deck immediately. Which isn’t always the case with new decks! I shuffled this deck and immediately felt what I can my “reiki hands” or hand chakras activate. 

I love it when you can tell an artist know's their shit behind each card. It's not just pretty artwork to sell a deck. There is so much tasty intention behind each card. 

This deck does stray from the traditional Rider Waite Smith deck, so I would recommend reading the guidebook to get to know the story behind this deck.

This deck is set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, where Demigods that were once worshiped, have set a curse of infertility that gradually spread across the land causing panic, war, and general upheaval. The dwindling human race is given the gift of immortality by the demons that had once tormented them. Not able to bring new life in, or pass onto death, the human race is torn between the old ways or accepting the favor of their old adversaries. There is quite a bit of nudity in this deck, so I would definitely recommend bringing it to work for readings during lunch break. ;)

The card's stock and thickness is perfect and the deck shuffles like a dream.

It appears the drawings were done with pen and ink, a medium I always love to both use and see. I love all the little lines and details in each illustration. 

Umm also... The flash on the edge of this deck is pretty incredible. I love shiny things, and my camera did this justice. Look at that silver shine.  

Guidebook And Box

The deck comes in it's own little box that matches the deck in size and design perfectly. The lack of words on the box make it perfect for storing it out on my shelf in my tarot space. (Instead of placed in a pretty bag cause the box was made so cheap!)

As much as I could probably try to interpret the cards on my own based on their beautiful symbolism and imagery, the guidebook is golden when it comes to fully understanding and interpreting a reading. 

Winslow takes a unique approach with the guidebook by turning the card meanings into parts of the major story in the guidebook.

While the guidebook does offer quick glance keywords and summaries, I wouldn’t recommend skipping over the story part. Story telling offers valuable lessons. Plus, because these cards do slightly stray from the traditional Tarot, it would be worth it! 

The guidebook is included with the deck and there is talk that it will fit inside the box in the newest edition. 

The Major Arcana

There are twenty two Major Arcana cards like in Traditional Tarot, but there are some differences in both names and meanings. The changes are made to more fully express the chaotic nature of the universe; the new cards highlight loss, despair, doom, but also vitality, regeneration, inner strength and peace. 

The Moon | The Tarot Restless |

The Major Arcana may stray a bit from the original tarot but that doesn’t mean they miss an archetype. The cards are rich in symbolism and the messages are, (to me anyways) quite easy to interpret. 

I loved the Moon Card and connected with this one right away. I even drew it in my first reading. I drew it inverted, which was a sign of cleverness, escpape and nighttime journeys, which was all too accurate given my sleep patterns and dream memories as of late.

This is a card of renewal and second chances, but the true meaning of the card wasn't felt until I read the story aspect in the guidebook. It really shined a new light on what was going on for me, while adding new perspective that previous Moon cards have not held. 


The Minor Arcana's

The minor arcana cards are all fully illustrated with unique detailed illustrations and back stories. 

The ace cards, along with a card known as the Void, represent the creation and destruction aspects of the cosmos on a whole, while the number cards will signify several different forces, people and phenomena within the universe.

The suits are Swords, Wands, Cups and Stars, which read the same as the traditional Tarot, except Stars is generally called the pentacle suit, though the suits carry some varied meaning as well. 

Swords signify power, dedication extremity, longevity and division. Seeing a large amount of swords in a reading may mean conflict is rising. 

Wands signify will power, attunment, family illumination, and esoteric knowledge. A large number of wands may mean a great amount of will power and work will be needed ahead.

Cups signify wealth, bounty, practical knowledge sustenance, sacrifice, and memory. A large amount of cups may mean a new discovery of great importance may be coming to the reader. 

Stars signify protection, ritual, duty, eternity, the outer-cosmos and kinship. A large amount of Stars could mean a large ending taking place in your life that brings both satisfaction and disappointment. 

The Court Cards 

The court cards are also a bit unique and stray a tad bit from the typical court cards. Rather than pointing to people in the world, they represent expressions of the values within the suit. 

The Thrall card depicts a lack of an aspect within their suit. The Knight is representational of having attained the satisfaction of this want or desire, the Queen protects it and refines it to perfection, and the King demonstrates the significance and importance of the attainment. 

I love that suffering and darkness is something that is accepted in this deck. I agree that we should explore our suffering, and shine some light on the darkness.

Without suffering there is no growth.

When I'm in a dark place, I don't (and can't) just jump to the happiest thing I can think of. I sometimes have to turn on the most depressing music I can think of, because it at least will meet me in the darkness. Not push me to feel a certain way.. but meet me and sit with me. I feel very similar with this deck. When I'm in a dark place, I need something that will meet me in my darkness, sit with me there, and let me fumble for the light myself. I think dark decks are important. Understanding our pain, and feeling our pain is important for our highest growth. 

The reason I love Tarot and Oracle cards is because they can help give us direction in our lives that me may have not been able to see. Decks that honor darkness, like The Tarot Restless, are to me, crucial when it comes to meeting those dark aspects of ourselves we might be hiding from! You've got to feel things in order to heal them. 

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Rachael Caringella

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