The Floors Are In!

I come with great news. Last week we were finally able to put the floors in Ruby (AKA our Mobile Mansion)! 

It was a much longer process than either of us thought it would be. Even with Sterling's knowledge on trailers, this was his first time replacing a Spartan's floor.


The frame and shell of the trailer is built onto the floors.. Rather than directly onto the  frame of the trailer. We had to separate the body of the trailer from the frame in order to put the new floors in.

Taking it out was puzzling and challenging, but it helped us understand how to put the floors back in.

We had to warp the walls around the floors, then secure them back into place. It took a floor jack, good communication and quite a bit of stomping and kicking. 

 We found our 1x4's at the local Home Depot, crammed them into our small chevy cavalier and sped up the mountain to install them. 

The subfloor planks were donated to us by Procon Construction for our flooring. They were originally for walls, so we had to trim the edges a bit so that they would fit, but they turned out to be exactly what we needed for our sub-flooring.

We don't have enough aluminum for the belly pan yet, so we skipped that step and put in the wood first. The undercarriage that we tore out was made from masonite and covered in some weatherproof paint that clearly didn't last, so we will have to build a new one.

We are so thankful to finally be able to walk inside of Ruby again!

Rachael Caringella

I am an Artist, Mystic and Oracle. I have been creating since I was little, and am constantly working on something new in the studio. I also have a passion for illustration. I have illustrated a few children's books as well as some Tarot decks and Oracle decks. Aside from creating art, I am also a card reader. I specialize in Tarot and Crystal readings. I love all things mystic, and spiritual and I delight in the mixture of creation and intuition.