The Golden Spaces | Finding Inner Peace During Chaos


Even though I kinda missed blogging for most of July, this summer sun has been so sweet. 

We are still waiting for the day we feel we need to install our AC unit, but I have a feeling that day will never come!

While it has gotten hot; there is a lovely constant breeze keeping things feeling nice. 

It's also that same constant breeze that kept that bitter chill in the air over the winter.. but I knew I would welcome it in the summer.

In fact, that was something I looked forward to during that hard winter.

Summer at the Cabin Pano | Tree Talker art
Winter at the Cabin | Tree Talker Art

I can't believe I'm still blogging about winter, but this one really did leave a lasting impression on me!

I enjoy being cold for the most part, but I also experience SAD (seasonal affective disorder), and up in the mountains, we did not get a lot of sun or color.

Winter at the Cabin

Winter is the season of death, and there were so many experiences of the life-death-life cycle that we faced.

While winter's death is hauntingly beautiful, it was difficult to not have any sun to light our way through all the internal chaos we were facing on top of the harsh winter.

It really took focus and daily practice to get myself in a "good" place, but after some time I did get the hang of it.. 

I guess that's mostly what I'm trying to write about today. Finding a bit of happiness and comfort when the world is cold and the sun just isn't anywhere to be found.

life line to the sea

We had a storm that lasted several days, and the clouds covered the sun for more than a week several times this winter. Just a blur of grey, black and white, and silence.

My bed and heated blankets were my best friends. 

One cold morning, clinging to that space between sleep and awake, I felt the warm sun on my skin, and I heard bird's chirping and ocean waves near by. 

It felt like I was wrapped in the golden warmth of sunlight, and the birds were singing just for me in the warm breeze I felt at peace and hopeful. 

Of course the more I woke up, the more I realized that it was just the heated blanket, and the ceiling fan was squeaking...

..but the feeling of that warm peaceful moment had been very real. 

Sometime in the darkness of December we ran out of firewood. Without a constant fire going, our cabin got as low as 42 degrees!

We had been traveling an hour into the city each week for firewood in a car that didn't have a heater, and it was literally always snowing.

If we had to bring anything up to the cabin, (food, firewood, cat litter, etc) we had to trudge through the snow, and pull it all behind us on a plastic sled. Which meant several trips in the freezing weather. 

But, this was our weekend ritual all winter and when I get myself into a situation, I try to at least make the best of it, or at least learn something from it.

One night on our way up the lonely mountain road, my mind wandered in the darkness, and I remembered that warmth that I experienced that one early morning.

Wrapped Up In Song | Tree Talker Art

That peaceful golden moment in the space between sleep and awake. 

And as we pulled up to the entrance of our driveway and begun to unload the car onto our silly sled, I focused all of my mind and heart on reaching that golden space again. 

I wrapped myself up in a cloak of warmth and focused on the sound of the song birds that had brought me comfort that early gray morning.

The visuals brought in the peaceful emotions, and the dread in my heart began to fade, and while it didn't change the outside temperature, it made the walk back to the cabin just a bit better.

Reaching these Golden Spaces became an important part of surviving the winter.

I believe we all have an inner light that is accessible to us.. an ability to feel at peace no matter how chaotic the world around us is.

 Of course, I miss my mark sometimes and allow the influences of the outer world to get to me.. It takes practice. But with focus, slowing down the breath, coming into the now, and feeling for that inner light, we can achieve that inner peace. 

I call these the Golden Spaces.. kinda like my "happy space." Abraham Hicks listeners may call it the Vortex, while some along other paths may just call this Spirit. 

But, I'm a visual person, so imagery helps take me to that peaceful state that no one can argue exists. 

I imagine blue skies traced with golden light around me, or a cloak of songbirds held together with golden thread. Or I imagine a forest of golden leaves and twinkling lights. An image that I can surround myself with that brings my soul peace and comfort, and then I just soak it in until things begin shift. 

The Golden Spaces | Tree Talker Art

And with more practice we begin to live and operate from that place of peace.

Like attracts like, meaning that a peaceful mind, will create a peaceful life. 

I've been trying to paint these spaces more and more. 

Because even though the sunshine is back, the world still doesn't feel peaceful at all.

It's my hope that by painting these pockets of peace that exist between dimensions, maybe, just maybe it will help bring some peace here as well. 


And if not, then maybe others will feel peace when they look at them.

The Golden Spaces Series | Tree Talker Art

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Painting them brings me comfort, so expect to see more Golden Spaces over time. 


By the way we already have quite a bit of wood saved up for next winter, and a truck with a heater! 

Rachael Caringella

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