The Summer Sun

Walking in the Woods | Tree Talker

I'm so thankful for this summer sun.. beating down on me, kissing my shoulders, leaving trails of freckles.

I've never been one to tan. I get gifted freckles every summer instead. 

It's been a busy summer. As most summers typically are.

Instead of collecting and chopping firewood, this year we are working on building Stella, and I am working on my deck. (I'm sending the design off to the printer this week!!!)

It's never healthy to stay inside and work, so I take little walks with the dogs every day.


I wanted to share some glimpses of the summer up here, since it will most likely be my last.

The majority of my photos are on instagram, but these one haven't been shared there quite yet.

Summer Sun | Tree Talker Art

The cabin can get hot up here. Being this high elevation makes for very cold winters and very hot summers. It took a bit of getting used to, but life without an AC isn't so bad once you learn a few tricks.

During the winter months, I took Vitamin D supplements at night to help stave off the seasonal side of depression. But in the summer, the sun is back and always ready to offer therapy.

Living on this mountain, so close to nature and her cycles and seasons has been beautiful and life changing. I have so much more appreciation for the normally-unnoticed gifts nature has to offer. There is so much more to experience out there than the 5 senses can show us.

The subtle smells and whispers that creep in with the wind.. the breeze that mixes with the trees.. and the songs of constant transformation heard from the woods.

The trees in the spring truly do sing after awakening from the eerie silent slumber of winter. The trees in autumn cackle and clatter after enjoying their time in the blessed summer sun.

It may not be a new appreciation but it's much deeper now.

Stella | Tree Talker Art

On the summer weekends when it's not too hot, we work on Stella. We've gotten quite far, and I have an update post on the way. 

There is so much to do here at the cabin during these summer months, it can feel overwhelming. 

Change is already in the air. I can already sense the autumn winds coming in. 

Unnerving and beautiful all at the same time.


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