Trusting In The Magic - And a Tour of The Cabin!

This was by far the rockiest move of my life! For someone who has moved over 12 times in the last 8 years.. that's saying a lot! Because I usually have moving down to an art form! 
I love the idea of "trying on" new places, as I've never been one to settle down.. in fact the words "settle down" kind of make me uneasy! 

Ever since I was a child my dream home has been a small cabin in the woods, or a refurbished school bus/trailer. I always figured traveling  would help me decide on where I would choose to settle, if it ever came down to that... and since Ruby isn't quite drive-able or live-able yet I needed to find a place to live in while I worked on her!

Before moving day, I had been searching for a new place for MONTHS! (City living really is not for me.) I had about 7 days left to find a place.. and was almost in a situation of panic and desperation of signing another 3 months on my apartment when a magical cabin in the woods came up for rent! For the first time in months I had found a place that actually felt right. Plus, I really wanted to "try on" cabin living, and see if it was the right dream for me.

That very night I drove up to see it, a few nights later I signed the lease and just 2 days after my class at the Wild Woman Symposium, I was moving in! It all happened SO fast... and that's when things got rocky.

That crazy week of teaching, packing and signing leases also happened to be during Mercury's Retrograde! (Without getting too much into astrology, it is warned to not sign contracts or leases during a retrograde if you can help it.) But, I had to make a quick decision.. because if I didn't sign this lease, I would be signing a lease on the same apartment I was in.. so either way a lease had to be signed. 

If you follow me on instagram or facebook, you probably know some of the story with this move... which is awesome because I don't want to have to relive it by going into details of the HELL that was the first week. SO here is a quick recap... and then I promise to show you more pictures of the inside now that the internet is here!!

Moving day came, and Sterling got word that his job no longer had work for him.. taking nearly half of our income.. The next day, I was informed the internet wouldn't be installed for 3 weeks. ZAP! There went MY income! The cabin is too far away for cell service... so that was weeks without being able to make phone calls, check emails, or call out for help if we needed it.. and boy did we!

The first night was freezing, so we turned the heater on, only for it to shoot out sparks and shut the power off entirely! There was no hot water, and after days of packing and moving our cold, sore bones were craving warmth and comfort... So we built a smokey fire in the wood burning stove and tried our best to sleep. 

The days that followed were a blur of broken appliances, stormy weather and even stormier thoughts. One day the septic tank overflowed into the bathtub. With no way to call for help, or even google what the hell was going on, I was literally shoveling buckets of shit out of the bathtub referring to a "fix it yourself" book from the 1970's that I thankfully lugged up the mountain with me! Mysterious animals had been creating LARGE holes all over the grounds threatening the safety of me and my pups.  And the power kept going out mysteriously and it was happening daily! Sterling was out job hunting during the day and I was literally debating on if unpacking would ever even happen.

For that first week, each night we sat on the back balcony in absolute AWE, looking into the stars that we traded for city lights just one week ago... wondering what the hell we had done to get us into this huge of a debacle. It felt so unreal.

Our entire world had been flipped upside down. Just last week I was teaching my classes, giving tarot readings, illustrating oracle cards and painting my heart out.. and now I was figuring out how to chop wood and build a fire to keep my house warm.. waiting for some form of communication to be installed so that I could call out for help! I can't blame it all on the retrograde, I did, after all choose to move into a cabin in the woods... 

The first week we were really faced with the choice, do we even unpack? Should we even try to decorate? Or will I just be packing it all up again? Where would we even go? How will we pay for this? Will we be able to make it?? SO many scary questions and situations were faced.. but we remembered that we felt inspired to move here. And before the move, all things felt right. And from my experience in life... the feeling always shapes the outcome. So we had to focus on that feeling again... even though the "hows" were unknown. 

I started telling Sterling "We will get some good news today!" (which is something I had said almost every day back before we moved. It's an affirmation I believe should be said daily.. because you always get some form of good news.. and this one  brings more to you, and helps you find the good news in the every day!) Before we knew it, good news started flowing in. Sterling got a temporary job and I drove ten miles into the nearest and cutest of coffee shops to borrow their wi-fi a few times. 

 I finally started to unpack and settle in. (not down.. of course) I began creating the magical *and safe* home I longed for.. with the trust that all other things would just fall flawlessly into place. And of course they did and will continue to do so. The landlords came to fix up the broken pieces and even offered to take the deposit in payments.. (which also effectively broke the lease that was signed during the retrograde.) Sterling was able to find a pretty badass job, and the internet has successfully been installed and I can post images of the cabin! (as well as get all those orders out!!!) 

The magical cabin is broken into 2 levels. The downstairs consists of the living room/studio (Cause they are basically the same thing for me.) There is an amazing kitchen that somewhat intimidates me and makes me want to be a better cook, and there is a cozy wood burning stove that I've figured out. (Yay! No more smoke! and the coziest of heat) There is also a second bedroom which has been turned into a study. 

click on the image to make larger and scroll through!

The upstairs loft is the bedroom and the mystic room where all my crystals, cards and healing recourses are. The loft just buzzes magic, and the wood burning stove keeps the space perfectly cozy. The upstairs also has two beautiful balconies for sunrise watching, and the other is perfect for watching the sunset. (both are great for bird watching of course) 

I'm finally feeling settled in and able to relax and create again! The landlords are now only upgrading minor things like resurfacing the fireplace and re-tiling a few things, so there are some "unfinished" pictures.. but I'm finally feeling more at home!

The internet has been installed and I even have a landline now (just in case). Though after several telemarketing calls at 7 am I'm ready to toss it out in the same manor of which I bucketed the shit from the tub. Being without the internet and communication was fascinating! I LOVE to learn, but didn't have an infinite amount of articles at my finger tips.. instead I had a room full of books to read, and miles of forest to explore. And wow.. I learned so much those first few weeks. 

The electricity works, and my heaters no longer throw fire at me... but I will be honest, I'm pretty good at the wood-burning stove now! I plan on using it daily instead of those electric heaters. It's been my favorite thing to cook with and it warms up the house quite well (and oh my goodness.. starting and maintaining a fire is such a great meditation!) 

The start to this move was rocky indeed, but I learned SO much about myself, cabin living and even small town living! I feel like I could go on and on about the things that I've learned in the short time I've been here. But I'll save all of that for another post.. because I'm still focusing on that feeling of stability. 

**I've received several messages/questions about my decor and where I shop.. all things in my house have either been thrifted, gifted or found/up-cycled! Thrifting is magical! Thrift stores are full of gems, from clothing to decor, everything is so much cheaper, and best of all, it reduces your carbon footprint dramatically!  

Rachael Caringella

I am an Artist, Mystic and Oracle. I have been creating since I was little, and am constantly working on something new in the studio. I also have a passion for illustration. I have illustrated a few children's books as well as some Tarot decks and Oracle decks. Aside from creating art, I am also a card reader. I specialize in Tarot and Crystal readings. I love all things mystic, and spiritual and I delight in the mixture of creation and intuition.