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You've heard it said before, inside each one of us is a "wild self." The wild self is our true nature and our essence; an instinctual creature that thrives on curiosity, lives passionately and naturally finds it's way to joy.

When we reconnect and live in alignment with our true selves, we step into our pure essence and amazing things begin to happen for us. We begin to live the life we were meant to all along!

Connect with me for a heartfelt and customized reading that will provide you with insight into yourself, and your path in this life time. We will discuss and clear any blocks that are standing in your way or keeping you from your own personal growth. 

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You will receive answers to any questions that you may have, as well as wisdom and guidance for the past, present and future. My readings will help you discover your inner light, and reconnect you to your path.


I am a certified Usui Reiki practitioner and healer. I have been reading Tarot cards and offering psychic readings for many years and I hold certification in Chakra Healing & Balancing, Lunar Cycles, Astrology, Crystal Therapy and Cartomancy. 

I am a resident tarot and psychic reader for Lotus Tarot, and am proud to be featured among "Best Psychics" with Kasmaba.

I offer live chat readings through Lotus Tarot, but also offer email readings upon request. 

My readings and sessions are specialized to fit your unique needs!

Not sure what you need? Send me an email for a free consultation!

Living in alignment with your truest self enables you to better receive messages and guidance from your intuition, guides, angels and Spirit. Your unique path becomes clearer, your intuition will become stronger.. and your life begins to feel clearer and more joyful.

When you step into your true wildness and reconnect with self, you begin to shed the symptoms of domestication such as fear, low self worth, confusion, stress, living in lack and so much more!

I look forward to reading with you!


about the services I offer


The human body has it's very own intricate system of energy centers known as the Chakras. Releasing unwanted, negative energy is essential for maintaining both spiritual and physical health.

Working with my crystals and Usui Reiki, I will first scan your chakras and aura to find any imbalances. I will then balance and realign your chakras, removing any blockages and restoring vitality to your energy centers. 

This is a powerful healing meant to align your energetic and spiritual body with your physical body to bring you emotional and physical wellbeing and healing. 

You will recieve a report on your chakras after the healing session is complete, along with which crystals were used and what is recommended for you.

INTUITIVE Readings & Tarot Sessions

Intuitive readings are channeled messages meant to reconnect you to your highest self and show you the answers you've been looking for. The reading can help shed light on the past, bring focus and clarity to the present, and help direct you to the future your want.

Using intuitive tools such as crystals, Tarot cards and my own psychic channels of Spirit, we will discover and discuss the root of your situation, uncover the underlying cause and discuss options for transformation.

Investing in a Tarot Reading is like investing in a message from your soul! 

An image of your reading for personal records and future reference is yours upon request!


In addition to Intuitive Readings and Energy Healing, I also offer Birth Chart & Natal Chart Readings, Dream & Vision Analysis, Past life Readings, angel readings & messages, & Home and Business Clearings. 

All services are available to you no matter your location! I have been offering energy work and intuitive readings online for years and have always been able to establish a clear connection and deliver healing. I prefer to do live readings either in person, through skype or some other form of live communication like chat programs or instant messaging systems. I do however offer email readings when necessary. 

Looking for a customized package? Let's start with an email consultation! 


All sessions are 100% confidential and 100% judgement free.


" First and foremost I want to express my sincere gratitude to Rachael for making me feel completely spiritually supported and guided through my reading.  Having no information about what situation I was faced with, I simply asked for clarity and that is what I got.  Rachael is very intuitive and eveything revealed in the tarot spoke volumes to me, and in detail.  Not only was my reading in complete alignment with everything I am facing in life at this moment, but Rachael's wisdom and way of approaching my obstacles is helping me to look within and face each one with clarity and peace.  She also guided me on how to maneuver through my blocks through this phase and recommended cord cutting to release things that bind me in a negative way and meditations to help me as I process everything in this moment.

Before my reading, I was feeling such a heaviness in my spirit.  Afterward, I am left feeling so positive and uplifted.  Her reading brought me so much clarity and is helping me to shed the past and look positively toward the future and I now feel empowered as I wade my way through this part of my journey.  It has been very healing for me and I am so grateful. "

"It was my first ever on-line session and the accuracy of the reading was uncannily accurate. I was amazed."

"Wow, Rachael had helped me so much. She was very, very accurate and on point on everything...even the littlest things about my work environment and the people that I work with. I am truly amazed!"

"I appreciated the working "through the problem" help that I received. Being very distressed, I needed help clearing away the "debris". "

"She is great! very accurate and helped me bring some clarity into my life."

"Rachael was great everything was right on point. Her personality is awesome, I felt as though she was right here with me and I was extremely comfortable. I LOVE HER!"

"A beautiful soul, with radiant and positive energy. She is not only clear with her reading, but she is thorough and empathetic. A gem."

"Excellent reading. Very to the point & with profound depth"


Reminder: a psychic reading is not a substitute for professional or medical advice! While an intuitive reading can show you where you life is headed and offer some very valuable information, remember that medical concerns should be consulted with a physician. Please contact an attorney or law enforcement for legal matters. Please note: I do not offer readings for anyone under 18.