Our Mobile Mansion 

Follow along our journey as we rebuild, restore & revamp our vintage Spartan Royal Mansion into a tiny home/mobile art studio! 

I decided to call it "The Mobile Mansion" the moment Sterling sent me a text saying this gem of a trailer was ours. I was even more excited when we looked closer at the faded paint to see it was a Royal-Mansion. (If you know anything about me.. I love anything luxurious and majestic.) Check out my inspiration for the inside of this baby.

Sterling and I have each had similar dreams to live simple and travel often, and it seems we began dreaming up trailers and tiny homes since the moment we fell in love!


We are so excited to have this opportunity. (And a little bit shocked too!) We are taking our journey one week at a time, so be sure to follow along with us on the blog. I will be updating the weekly process, and Sterling will be creating how-to videos for anyone else who is interested in restoring or building trailers and tiny-homes. 

We are trying to keep this project as environmentally and wallet friendly as possible. Meaning we are relying heavily on donated supplies. Plus, I love the idea of building from salvaged and reclaimed parts! 

Check out our donation page if you have extra building supplies and would like them taken off your hands.


We are so excited to be restoring and rebuilding this fun piece of history!

Sterling has been restoring and rebuilding vintage trailers for this last year and a half, and this trailer was bought for spare parts. Once the parts were removed, it was just going to be scrapped, as it had been sitting there for a long time. So, we've decided to adopt it and create a new life for it! 

Spartan Aircraft Company began in the late 20's as a flight school and an airplane manufacturer.  The planes were built with a unique frame and design. (You can read more about the planes here!) During the 40's they began building and manufacturing planes for the war effort.

After the war, Spartan began to focus on the need for housing. They didn't like to call these trailers, and instead called them homes, as they were meant to be lived in full time. They used building techniques from the aircraft business, and the mobile homes were road tested for their durability. By the 1960's Spartan stopped producing trailers, and now runs as college of aeronautics and technology