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Mandalas have long been used as tools for meditation. The actual word mandala translates to "circle" or "sacred circle."  A mandala acts as a visual aid that pulls in human consciousness and energy. The circular design allows focus to draw inward and outward, creating a meditative and mindful state.

Coloring a mandala can be relaxing, therapeutic and meditative! It's a wonderful way to unwind, meditate and be creative at the same time! The simple act of coloring allows you to connect to your creative potential, it's great for sparking creativity and overcoming creative blocks! 


Colorable Mandalas

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Free Colorable  Mandalas Tree Talker


Here is a pack of some of my older mandalas that are no longer for sale in the shop.

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Device Wallpapers

Some of my favorite kinds of mandalas to make are digital ones! I usually use them as my backgrounds for my phone and computer, and wanted to share one with you as well! The image is high resolution and measure 25x25 inches so you can resize it to fit your needs! 

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