Each Untamed Truth Oracle Deck will be beautifully packaged and prepared just for you. Each package gets a bath of reiki energy and a blessing from me before it heads to you. 

Shipping cost depends on your location and the quantity of your order. You can expect your order to arrive 2-5 days after shipment. Please allow up to 2 weeks for international orders. Your tracking information will be sent to your paypal email address, so please be sure to check there!

All US States-  $5.00 for 1 deck                  $8.00 for 2 decks                   $12.00 for 3+ decks

Canada - $12.50 for 1 deck                        $15.00 for 2 decks                  $20.00 for 3+ decks

Mexico - $20.50 for 1 deck                        $24.00 for 2 decks                 $28.00 for 3+ decks

All other countries - $22.50 for 1 deck      $26.00 for 2 decks                 $32.00 for 3+ decks

These prices were taken from the USPS shipping calculator. I have done my best to keep our shipping prices as low as possible, but unfortunately there isn't much I can do about international shipping costs. I will do my best to keep your order from receiving any customs fees or taxes, but ultimately I can't be held responsible. 

If for some reason, your deck costs less than quoted, I will refund you the difference!

I am working to secure some collaborations with international wholesales so we can offer the decks in stores near you!

Have any questions? Send me an email!